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Ivan Lan

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Physics

Momentum and impulse are conserved in collisions between the ping pong rackets and the ball. The interaction time is very short because the collision happens really fast.
The change of momentum for both the guy in the picture above and the ping pong ball has to be the same. This means that since the guy has a greater mass than the ball, the ball's velocity would have to be a lot higher.
The net force is the force you apply on the ball if air resistance is ignored.
The most powerful technique in Ping Pong is the smash
A powerful smash needs more velocity. If you want to smash the ball, you need to apply bigger force.
The ping pong racket is made up of wood and spongy materials so the racket has strong elasticity. The surface of racket is sticky so that it would give more friction force to the ball.
The surface of the ball and the table are both very smooth so that the ball can travel faster without being affected as much by friction. (less friction)
By: Ivan & Allen
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