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Francisco Pizarro

No description

Victor Lopez

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Francisco Pizarro

Francisco Pizarro Born in 1475 in Trujillo Extramadura, Castile[Spain] He was the conquer of Peru In 1502 he left the West Indies and lived in Hispaniola Island In 1509 he left Hispaniola to star the exploration of the caribbean coast of Northern South America and Southern Central America. Six years later the Spaniards found Panama City and Pizarro was one of the wealthiest and most powerful citizen. In 1524 Pizarro became partners with Diego de Almagro Diego de Almagro was also a spanish conquistado and started looking for empire too. Pizarro led the explorations down the pacific coast. Died in June 26, 1541 in Lima, Peru. Bad Weather and Indian attacks tried to prevent them from findint the empire. In 1535 the city of Lima became Peru's capital. Questions
What year did he die?
Were did he sail from?(what country)
What is he remembered for?

By:Jonatan and Denisse
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