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nached sanchez

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

LEUKEMIA NACHED SANCHEZ Cancer in the blood and the bone marrow carry oxygen fight infections help blood clots Caused when bone marrow makes an abnormal amount of white cells, that never stop growing!!! HOW MANY TYPES OF LEUKEMIA ARE THERE? ACUTE CHRONIC LYMPHOCYTIC MYELOGENOUS ACUTE ACUTE CHRONIC LYMPHOCYTIC CHRONIC MYELOGENOUS FAST SLOW BLOOD WORK
BONE MARROW TEST fever, vomiting, nose bleeds, bruising,weight loss, no appetite, swollen belly or armpits, anemia. SYMPTOMS; -Chemotherapy- for all
-Radiation- destroy cancer cells
-Stem cell Transplant- rebuild supply of normal cells and boost immune system
-Biological Therapy- meds to improve bodys natural defenses. TREATMENT How are they determined? by how fast the type of cell is growing. Who does it affect? ANYONE! Its most common in men, children, kids with down syndrome and people who have anemia. CAN IT BE TREATED? YES
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