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All about Skype

No description

Larry Anak Asu

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of All about Skype

All About Skype by Larry Asu Should You be
Interested ? Benefits Compatibility How Does it Work? Other Alternatives? What we can do? Here's Skype
explained visually. More than 75 million users with 40 million active users online during peak times. SKYPE Families
Connect! Monitor valuables! Business, conference, & training. Different
perspectives Download and install skype from www.skype.com Install ...... Start Skype! Register Video Calls Person to Person
Calls Transfer files & Screen Sharing Some Many Few Conference Calls (cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr Microsoft
Windows Mac OS X Smartphones Viber
Google Voice Phone Calls Video Calls Facetime
Windows Messanger
Facebook Videochat
TelePresence by Cisco Recap People Skype to:
1) Stay Connected (family members)
2) Business, Training and facilitating
3) Monitor kids & valuables 1) Download (ww.skype.com)
2) Install
3) Register an Account
4) Start! 4 EASY STEPS 1) Video Calls
2) Person to person Calls
3) Chat
4) Transfer Files
5) Share Screen What can you do? References
Gough, M. (2006) Skype Me! From Single User Enterprise and Beyond. Massachusetts: Syngress Publishing Inc.

Max, H., & Ray, T. (2006) Skype: The Definitive Guide.
Indiana: Que Corporation. THANK YOU
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