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Fiona Hui Fu's Prezi

No description

Hui Fu

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Fiona Hui Fu's Prezi

Beautiful flowers in a vase,
both from a very special friend
A present from my Partner for my birthday
Our lovely fish enjoying their comfortable life
A climbing rose in our garden
The roses from our garden
Our furry friends
Sandy and Blackie
The joys of my life
Bush roses in our garden
Our happy dog Blackie
When Sandy was a kitten
Our Lovely pink roses
Our beautiful orange color rose
They are just beautiful
I carefully keep the roses my Partner gave to me, even if they are dried up, they still look lovely.
I like this picture
as I know how enjoyable you feel whilst you are smelling the roses
Life journey is not always smooth, there are challengers every now and then. However reflecting on good memories can bring us much joy and make us feel thankful and content. Webb (2012) states that 'appreciating your life is something that can bring you a whole host of health benefits. People who have an attitude of gratitude are much more fun and positive to be around. Every day, in every way we will always have something to be grateful for.'
'Count your blessings one by one, and savour and appreciate each one' (Webb 2012).
Photographer Manabu Kondo has reached his target of photographing 10,000 Tasmanians.
Picture: NIKKI DAVIS-JONES Source: News Limited
it's me
Let's make everyday as our favorite day
I appreciate everything
in my life and I feel that
I am the luckiest person
in the world
I love our home and garden
Thanks for watching
They are great friends
The song in the background of this presentation is my own voice, recorded in May 2010. The song is named 'Living by the Water' which tells the nostalgic story of a Chinese girl - I presented this song to my partner, who is my soul mate.
Fiona Hui Fu
18 April 2014
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