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A Study on the Impact of the Dynamic Learning Program on the

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Jessie Jr

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of A Study on the Impact of the Dynamic Learning Program on the

A Study on the Impact of the Dynamic Learning Program on the Reading Proficiency of University of Iloilo-PEN College Freshmen

Background of the Study
The Research Gap
Question 1
1. What is the reading proficiency of college freshmen students taking ENG 104?
Question 2
2. What is the perception of students regarding the use of DLP in their ENG 104 classes?
CVIF-Dynamic Learning Program
SRA REading Laboratory
Question 3
What are the perceptions of teachers regarding the use of DLP in ENG 104 classes?
Many of the reading programs are still teacher-centered
UI-PEN developed programs to ensure that student-centered classrooms are maintained.
ENG 104 – English Communication Skills 1 aims to produce highly independent readers and discriminating listeners in English through word study and comprehension skills using individualized skills instruction.
Parallel Classes Scheme
Four classes are conducted simultaneously, and the teacher moves from one room to another.

This allows students to work without the expertise of the teacher.
Comprehensive Portfolios
Student Comprehensive Portfolio compiles all the learning outputs of the students making them aware of their learning progress.
Activity-based Learning
students are required to do a lot of practice exercises and drills

activity-based learning is rooted in the common notion that students are active learners rather than passive recipients of information
SRA 2b and 3b kits are used.
ranges from 2.5 to 12.0 reading levels

this is a network decision
provides individualized skills instruction, permits independent work, promotes students’ sense of responsibility, and lets each student moves at his or her own rate, based on individual ability.
SRA Reading Laboratory kits include:
Power Builder
Rate Builder
Listening Skills Activities

Explicit Instructions
Improving Reading Proficiency using SRA Reading Laboratory
DLP is a shift from the traditional classroom set-up common to tertiary education.
a. What is the reading level of college freshmen students before taking ENG 104?
b. What is the reading level of college freshmen students after taking ENG 104?
a. What aspect(s) of DLP do students perceive to be helpful in their ENG 104 classes?
b. What aspect(s) of DLP do students think need to be improved?
a. What aspect(s) of DLP do teachers perceive to be helpful in conducting ENG 104 classes?
b. What aspect(s) of DLP do teachers think need to be improved?
The mixed-method by Creswell (2008) was used to use both qualitative and quantitative approaches
From the 3096 officially enrolled first year students in ENG 104, 11% or 354 students will be considered. This was identified using Slovin's Formula set at 5% margin of error.
The data will be gathered at the end of the semester to determine the reading levels and to respond to the questionnaire checklist pertaining to the use of DLP.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Strategic Study and Rest
This component requires teachers to provide no more extra work once the student is outside the school.

Assignments are not allowed in ENG 104 because of DLP.
c. Is there a significant difference in the reading level of college freshmen students before and after taking ENG 104?
Definition of Terms
Reading Proficiency
Reading proficiency is characterized by the readers’ ability to recognize words and proceed effortlessly and rapidly in the working memory (Stanovich, 1980, Bernhardt, 2005).
Dynamic Learning Program
a system of conducting simultaneous classes characterized by the following components: Parallel Classes, Activity-based Learning, Strategic Study and Rest, and Student Comprehensive Portfolio.
College Freshmen
the first year students officially enrolled in an ENG 104 class.
ENG 104
the first of four English courses under the General Education program of UI-PEN. This course will provide the data necessary for this research.
Review of Related Literature
The Challenge in Reading Readiness
This part explains the failure of universities to develop reading proficiency necessary for higher education among college students.
Explained the characteristics of the four different components and the different researches that support the significance and importance of each component
The Conceptual Framework
SRA Reading Laboratory
Used Tantarangsee's study (2010) on the impact of SRA Reading Laboratory among university students.
reading proficiency refers to the reading level of students as determined using the SRA Reading Laboratory where students are capable of getting the main idea, noting details, context clues, and making inferences appropriate to their level.
Discussed that 65% of first year students of UI-PEN, AY2012-13 was considered "progressing towards standards", 15% "have not met standards"
Cited that many of these programs failed because reading classes are traditional, rather than interactive and communicative.
Cited Luz (2007) about Filipino pupils' reading test scores. It was revealed that only one-sixth to one-third of pupils can read independently at the desired grade level
Shared that other schools also in the country already started pilot testing DLP
This is also where the connection between DLP and SRA Reading Laboratory was explained.
Dynamic Learning Program
SRA Reading Laboratory
Improved Reading
An experimental design could have been better, but the set-up itself does not permit the design.
To determine which aspect of DLP was perceived to be helpful among students and teachers, a separate researcher-made instrument will be administered.
Respondents will be stratified per teacher so that each class will be represented.
All teachers handling ENG 104 will participate in the study to answer question 3.
Student respondent will be identified with their gender, the college where they belong and the type of school where they finished high school.
To determine reading proficiency, the SLG will be used as baseline data, and the reading level at the end of the semester.
The instrument will make use of the five-point Likert scale where respondents identify whether they strongly agree, agree, slightly agree, disagree, or strongly disagree with each item.
Once the instruments are approved, these will be submitted for pilot testing to determine its validity and reliability.
Data will be submitted for appropriate statistical analysis and interpretations.
Mean and standard deviation to determine the reading proficiency.
T-test and One-way ANOVA will be used to determine significant differences in the reading proficiency.
Triangulation method will be used to analyze the qualitative data.
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