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Conversation Table 3D - 47695

Available at prezzip.com Conversation Table 3D prezi template of Prezzip you can use for a lot of different stories. Business or education, just ad your own story! All visuals are adjustable!

Your Prezis

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Conversation Table 3D - 47695

"You have the right to remain silent"
I want my lawyer!
In custody at home?
Okay, who do we need to call?
In Custody?
A reasonable person would have believed he was in custody
Place of the interrogation
Suspicion conveyed?
Nature of the interrogation
Free to end interview by leaving or asking interviewer to leave
About that right to counsel
Wanted: Meaningful Right to Counsel
* noncustodial can become custodial
*No single fact is conclusive
Almost cetainly, no
But what was the show of authority?
client separated from other family members?
Movement restrained?
How did he leave and where did he go?
Making Your Client's Miranda Invocation Stick: Challenging Miranda Waivers
You said what?!
Shoulda made an evidentiary record!
I work for Keyser Soze
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