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A Guide to Social Studies at HHS

8th grade parent night presentation

Jamie Higgins Shaull

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of A Guide to Social Studies at HHS

A Guide to Social Studies at HHS
Jamie Higgins Shaull - SS Department Chair
Advanced Placement

All courses prepare students for mandatory Government HSA – administered May of freshman year.
*Students who do not do well on Unit tests throughout the year will be pulled for mandatory enrichment during periods 3 & 4

*Proficiency of concepts (75% and above) is expected for all tests (to avoid mandatory remediation)
American Government
Required Courses for Graduation
Electives are for students in grades 10, 11,12
History through Sports
History through Film
Abnormal Psychology (pre-req. required – Psychology)

Electives change from year to year. Never a guarantee that the same course will be offered from one year to the next!

Each elective is .5 credit. Choose 2 (or pair with another required course (Health, SAT prep, etc...).
American Government and Politics
World History
United States History
Psychology (grades 11,12)
Human Geography (grades 10,11,12)
Modern European History (grades 10,11,12)

– required classes
– electives
AP Courses offered in Social Studies
Grade 11 United States History
AP (1.5 credit course, paired with .5 credit Honors EPI course)
Grade 12 Economics course
Grade 10 World History
Standard EPI
Honors EPI
AP Economics
*GT classes are not offered in 11/12 grades per BCPS handbook

Our mission and goals
Our courses with indicators/objectives
Our teachers and their backgrounds
Want to learn more about us?
What if my child doesn't pass the Government HSA?
Bridge plans and additional remediation (during periods 3 & 4 of enrichment) and dates for HSA testing occur throughout the year for students who do not pass the test.
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