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why dubstep is awesome

rachel chapman

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of DUBSTEP

DUBSTEP IS DIRTY ..and that's a GOOD THING! what is dubstep you ask? definition: a genre of electronic music, described as
tightly coiled productions with
overwhelming bass lines
and reverberant drum patterns,
clipped samples, and occasional vocals. originated in south London, around 1998 London club Forward>> is credited with promoting the growth and spread of early dubstep. It was the first act devoted to dubstep, allowing producers to premier new music. although primarily seen as party music (music to rage to),
dubstep has a few other usefull applications: for example, i LOVE exersicing to it. unlike other music, the beat does not stay the
same throughout the track. This changes the tempo of my workout, the constant changes keeping me from getting bored. I get absorbed in the various bass drops and reverberations, taking my mind off the pain. WARNING: bass drops to make your
head explode. craziest drops SKRILLEX classics BASSNECTAR dubnation DOWNLINK
& DATSIK skip to 1.30 downlink excision skip to 1.15 datsik Dubstep finally gained popularity
in theUnited States around 2009 Dubstep's roots and origins can be found
within Jamaican dub music and sound systems. Instruments used to create this unique sound:
drum machines
pc Dubstep has been steadily
rising in popularity bringing thousands of people into clubs,
concerts, and venues just to experience this
new underground music scene as shown by this chart, which graphs google search
frequencies related to the topic "dubstep" skrillex deadmau5 bassnectar although some artists started before others,
most seem to be hitting their peak popularity in the U.S. around now. meaning...NOW IS THE TIME!
there are new artists and sounds emerging everyday as dubstep evolves, don't miss out on it!! I hope i've made a dubhead out of you mr. culp :) here are a couple more of my favorites to end on....
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