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Interactive Menu

No description

Vivek Adatrow

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Interactive Menu

Available on
A One Stop Restaurant Solution

Faster Table Turn :
Interactive Menu
Skip the Line:
Waiting List Management

Give a Reason for Customer to
Visit Again :
Coupons & Promotions

Boost Sales - Up sell 100%
of the time :
Menu Recommendations

Product Features
Interactive and Intuitive Menu
Restaurant Interface for Direct
contact with Customer
Waiting List Management
Dashboard - Customizable
Interactive Menu
Image Based Menu
Menu Based Reviews -
Driven by
Real Customers !
Chef's Special and Recommendation
- Up Selling
- Browse & Order
Order as you arrive -
No wait time for ordering !
Faster Service = Faster Table Turn
Interactive Menu

Manager Interface
Friendly & Intuitive

Easy & Creative Coupon Creation module
Dedicated Restaurant Customer Data Base
Know Your Customers and connect Directly !
Send Coupons on the Fly

Targeted Coupons based on numerous customer
selection criteria
Appreciation for our top 100 Customers !
Use Coupons for In Restaurant Promotions
50 % off on Sushi for next 30 minutes
Manager Interface

Dashboard - Bringing Intelligence to your Restaurant Business
Customizable to present useful information
for quick decision making
Intuitive data presentation
In Depth data drilling capabilities for
detailed analysis
- Best sellers,
Revenue per customer
, New customer additions per day/month,
customer visiting/eating pattern

- Average turn around time from check-in to delivery etc
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