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Play it safe!

Group presentation

Ryo Iwai

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Play it safe!

A Revolutionary Teaching Tool for Kids! Play it Safe! Introduction: Description: Objective: To raise awareness in children regarding the importance of traffic safety Game to be used as an interactive learning tool in early education for children (preschool and kindergartens)
Three key points central to children's lives; home, school and play space Design: Material: Map board will be made of light-weight, non-toxic recycled plastic.
Props/accessories will be made of durable paper material (i.e., cardboard). Size: 1.5m x 1.5m How to play it safe!
Interchangeable & designable props
(e.g. vehicles, animals, balls etc.) Conclusion: Many games focus on speed
Awareness efforts use fear tactics But Play it Safe! is different! Why? This game is meant to introduce children to traffic safety in a learning environment
It creates an awareness while teaching and reinforcing safe behaviors through scenarios relevant to their life Who wins the game? The safest wins! Learn through various possible scenarios Why children? Children are the future, but they are also the present with children <15 making up 26% of the global population
Children are capable and actively engaged in the shaping and re shaping of their environment
Teaching children will bring influence on generation at large not only on themselves
Importance of child agency Prototype Reward System: Props: Smiley face cards will be awarded as a reward
Teachers are also encouraged to invent their own reward system Example: Today, you will go to watch a football game after school with your friends. Who can show us the safest way to the stadium by bike? Teacher is welcome to create new scenarios or situations by using props
Booklet is prepared for the game which will help teacher as a guide line. Examples: Who gets to play it Safe!? Play it Safe! is ideal for 4 - 6 year old children How many players? Min: 1 player
Max: 10 players
Recommended: 8 - 10 Online Road Games http://talesoftheroad.direct.gov.uk/ Example of Fear Tactics: Successful campaign?
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