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Philadelphia's Ward System

An interactive map of the political system of Philadelphia

Isaac Han

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Philadelphia's Ward System

Philadelphia's Ward System
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
are the smallest political units of Philadelphia
there are multiple divisions in every ward; totaling around 1500 in Philadelphia
each divisions is represented by two Democratic and Republican committee people that serve for four year terms
ward executive committee
is comprised of all the committee people from each division
This committee elects a ward leader from one of its members
The power of the committee people include:
distributing sample ballots
the "political friend"; someone to endorse candidates throughout their districts
Ward leaders serve as members of their respective political party organization's City
US Congressman Robert Brady is the Chairman of the Democratic City Committee
PA State Representative John Taylor is the Chairman of the Republican City Committee
receives money from candidates to be distributed to throughout their ward system
Party Leader:
Ward Executive Committee:
as the next largest sub-body, there are 66
in the city of Philadelphia
represented by the
Ward Leaders

Ward Leaders are elected by the Ward Executive committee
Their powers and responsibilities include:
executive head of the ward
creating sample ballots
deciding on which election candidates to endorse

City Committee
is a group of around 70 people, who are the ward leaders of each ward for the city of Philadelphia
they supervise the fulltime operation of their corresponding party
serves as the "voice of the party"
the Chair of the Democratic and Republican City Committees are elected by their party's ward leader
City Committee:
Does it work?
according to reports from the Philly.com street money is only the tip of the iceberg
PACS (Political Action Committees) can also endorse candidates and pour money into advertising and candidate salience
after $4 million in the primary, of the 51 judiciary candidates only one that was endorsed by the party lost the election

Street Money:
Street money
is the term used to describe money that is distributed to the committee people for their services by the party
Most receive around 100 dollars, however that amounts to around 170,000 dollars for the party as a whole
this money is hard to track in terms of how much and for what purpose this money is being used
Sample Ballots:
sample ballots are pieces of paper that look similar to the ballots people will be seeing at the polls
able to spread the saliency of an endorsed candidate by putting their name on the top of the ballot
as they are passed around, committee people recommend people vote for their endorsed candidate
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