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Wearable Sensors:

No description

Bryan Cole

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of Wearable Sensors:

mThrow: The Metrics
About That UCL Load Number...
To calculate force on
the whole elbow
, you need measurements from a single IMU placed at the elbow:
"Torque" as Pitch Count 2.0
Next Level Numbers:
Measuring Consistency

Track consistency of swing mechanics as measure of skill
Wearable Sensors:
Limitations and Promise

Next Level Numbers:
Smash Factor
Measure quality of contact

SF =
Bryan T. Cole, Ph.D
Saberseminar 2015

Why Bother?
Example usage: Learning a changeup with mThrow
The Future
Path 1:
Even More Sensors
(complex setup, in-game metrics)
Path 2:
No Sensors
How Do They Work?
3D Swing Planes
Mike Donfranceso and Tom Stepsis
CJ Handron, Jeff Schuldt, and Dr. Buddy Clark
(Diamond Kinetics)
Ben Hansen
(Motus Global)
Dan Kopitzke
(K-Zone Academy)
Dr. Alan Nathan
and Dr. Lloyd Smith
Trevor Stocking
Dan Brooks, Chuck Korb, and Saberseminar
Neil Weinberg, David Temple, Dr. Meredith Wills
All our study participants
Ashley MacLure, for her support
How to Interpret
a 100 MPH Swing
Bat Sensors: The Metrics
Common Features
Adidas miCoach
Athos Wearable Technology
(EMG + heart rate)
Kitman Profiler
(simpler hardware,
laboratory metrics)
Fastball Arm Speed
946 rpm
Changeup Arm Speed
890 rpm
aluminum bat (lighter)
off a tee
To calculate force on
just the UCL
, you need to know how each of the muscles and bones in the forearm affect the total elbow load:
Examples: "smart" clothes
Markerless motion capture systems
Distinguishing Features
Similar metrics, including...
Bat speed at impact
Max hand speed
Attack angle
Time to impact

Simultaneous video capture
"tactical-grade" hardware
Diamond Kinetics
baseball-only, more detailed metrics
comparison to major leaguers
UCL (under here)
elbow torque
arm speed (RPM)
arm angle
shoulder rotation
Just like there's no single best pitch count limit, different pitchers will probably be able to safely handle different amounts of torque.
Combined HitTrax and DK SwingTracker data from
1500+ swings
25 hitters
Little League to NCAA
Swings off tee vs. pitching machine
Home run swings vs. line drive swings
Next Level Numbers: Building a Database
exit velocity + pitch speed
bat speed + pitch speed
(Graphic by Ashley MacLure)
(Courtesy K-Zone Academy)
Wearables can provide instant feedback to support coaching and video analysis
Older players had
less consistent
Sensor movement, sample size could explain issues
Example Data:
Andrew K (age 20)
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