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A New Opportunity

Design Thinking | Empathy Map

Marianna Ferraz

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of A New Opportunity

Makes notes here about all the things that surprised you from the interview, and those that challenged the assumptions you had.
Young worker who's very dissatisfied with the area which works, even having attended a college in the same area.
Q:Why are you dissatisfied with your job?
A1:Because it wasn't what I expected.
A2:Because that aren't not exactly what I wanted to do.
A3:I thought it was more lucrative.
A4:Do what I do is boring.
A5:I thought it was easier.

Q:Then why did you choose this college?
A1:In college it was different. Lots of theory and minimum practice.
A2:Had finished the vacancies for the course that I really wanted.
A3:My parents forced me to start college soon. I ended up choosing without thinking...
A4:I was influenced by my friends.

Q:What is your current profession? If you could change your profession, what would it be?
A1:Math Teacher. I wanted to be an economist.
A2:I'm a adman working with advertising. But I wanted to work specifically with design.
A3: I am a manager, I studied administration. Actually, I never thought about it.

Q:What think you missed to get there?
A1:Better opportunities, I believe.
A2:Time to think before acting, I guess.
A3:Knowing the possibilities of other areas.
A4:Not taking life as a joke.
Bad mood in the morning
Tired of the routine
Usually do a sloppy work
Do not have expectations and/or inspirations
Does nothing to improve the situation
Counts every minute to go home
Doesn't valorize the time spent at work (considered as "lost time")
Doesn't be proud of his own work participation
Talk a lot and tends to not be focused on the work.
Works by obligation and not for pleasure.
Been under a lot of pressure from parents to start college.
Many options of courses given by family and friends.
Chose the easier and/or faster way.
For lack of vacancies in a particular course, ended up choosing a similar one.
Feeling of exhaustion and lack of inspiration.
Hates doing the same things every day.
Doesn't work with really like.
Think of leaving and changing careers.
Had no opportunity to do what he/she wanted.
Doesn't seem to try hard enough to change.
People who think in the profession only after they have left school are often pressured by their family about it.

Choices that seek money and facilities overshadow what you really like.

You should move toward something you really like without losing focus, entering in courses that enhance your

knowledge and studying hard in your spare time. Then you can at anytime to risk and start a new career.
Young worker who is very dissatisfied with the area which works, even having attended a college in the same area
start a new career in something they really like while there's still time to change
then he will have a better quality of life and feel good about himself and what he do.
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