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1990's Fashion

Fashion, trends, and entertainment of the 90s!

Lama Ali

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of 1990's Fashion

Historical Events
Early, Mid, Late 90's Fashion

Through the Decades:

Cool Inventions of the 90s!
First Harry Potter book was released (1997)

World Wide Web invented

G Shock (Early 1990's)
Nintendo 64 (1996)
Nelson Mendela was freed

Memory Card (1991)
George Bush announces that he doesn’t like broccoli (1990)

Collapse of the soviet union (1991)

Skip-it (1990)
Popular 90's fabric
Answering Machine (1991)
DVDs (1995)
1990's youth clothing
Backwards baseball caps
FUBU Jerseys
Loose fitting jeans/ saggy jeans
(Neon, leggings, and exercise wear)
(Preppy & conservative, designer clothing)
(casual chic, less colors)
90's hairstyles
(Men and women)

Crimped Hair
Feathered Bangs
Parted bowl cut hair
Chin Length Hair
Flat Top Hair
90's tv show:
All That
(The Inconvenience store)

- up shoes
Jelly Shoes
Tattoo Chokers
Blossom Hats
"Slap on the Wrist"
1990s Womens Fashion
High Waisted Jeans
Floral Dress
Babydoll Tee's
Mens Fashion Trends
Starter Jackets
Loose Fitting Pants
Giovanni Versace
Born December 2, 1946, in Reggio di Calabria, Italy, Gianni Versace became one of the tops fashion designers of the 1980s and '90s. He launched his first clothing line in Milan, Italy, in 1978. In 1989, Versace debuted his first couture collection. He continued to add his fashion empire, expanding into home furnishings and perfurmes. Throughout his career, Versace designed for such figures as Madonna, Prices Diana, Elton John and Tina Turner. He died on July 15, 1997. At the time of his death, Versace's company was worth more than $800 million.
Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen is another designer who became famous during the 1990’s. McQueen graduated from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London and showed his first collection in 1992, which was famously bought in its entirety by Vogue stylist Isabella Blow. McQueen’s work can be characterized as dramatic, technical, and emotional. Alexander McQueen was appointed head designer at Givenchy in 1997 and continued to work there and on his McQueen line throughout the 1990s. He was announced the best British fashion designer in 1996, 1997, 2001, and 2003. However, Alexander McQueen committed suicide on February 11, 2010 ending his short career
Music of the 90s
Backstreet Boys - I want It That Way
Houses in the 90s
Wall to Wall Carpet
White Kitchens

Hunter Green
Japanese Decor
If there is one fashion trend that spanned the entire 90s decade, it was denim overalls; sported from -"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" to NSYNC. they where usually worn with sneakers and plain tee's.
A lot of guys wore baggy opened-up flannel with a graphic tee underneath. This trend is still popular today.
Starter had a bunch of different styles of their jackets but they all had one thing in common – a professional sports team written in large letters. That was a huge success for them – men and women alike were able to rep their favorite team on a warm jacket.
Back before the great "skinny jean epidemic," denim was worn as loose as possible, on both men and women. The baggier, the cooler.
Men and women alike wore hi-rise jeans (usually light wash or regular blue)
Held-over from the 80s, fluorescent windbreakers dominated the early 90s with short collars snaps, and bold designs.
Flowery dresses were very popular in the early 1990s. Later in the 1990s, these innocent floral dresses were replaced by more ironic babydoll styles– preferably worn with ripped black tights and Doc Martens boots. The style started to become shorten than those wore in the early 90s.
The mid-1990s saw an explosion of kiddie-inspired fashion, with teens and young adults wearing colorful plastic hair barrettes, bows, and other kid-like accessories. A “baby tee” resembled infant’s clothing, with a white elastic neck area and capped sleeves. Usually made of cotton but sometimes cut in Lycra or terry cloth, these t-shirts usually fell above the belly button.
Works Cited

Light up shoes were a huge craze of the 1990s. The most popular brand was LA Gear. These shoes were just as comfortable as normal sneakers, the only difference is that with every step, a burst of bright LED light would flash from your heel.
These shoes were on the feet of women and girls all over the world, in a rainbow of styles and colors. In Howver, after the early 1990s, jelly shoes began to fall out of fashion, and they can sometimes be hard to find today. They were extremely cheap and were found in many stores.

The problem with The shoes was that they were a bit stiff, and sometimes quite uncomfortable; jelly shoes could contribute to the formation of large blisters, and they also tended to get very unpleasant when the wearer started to sweat.
Before there were butterfly clips, there was the scrunchie. Scrunchies exploded in the '90's, but eventually became as outdated. However, recently they have started to come back.
The tattoo choker consisted of a tight, springy, lace-like plastic necklace designed to sit snugly against your neck and mimic some sort of hand-drawn tattoo. There were many styles ranging from beaded to fabric styles.

This fashion trend sprouted from the character Blossom in a popular sitcom. The main character Blossom wore a floppy bucket hat with a large flower on it, and many young girls wanted to wear a hat like the eccentric and quirky character.
Bandanas were wrapped heads, necks, wrists, thighs, and even ankles. Many popular music and fashion icons wore these accesories (e.g. Tupac Shakur was famous for wearing a matching bandana around his head with many of his outfits).

Because of China’s financial crisis, Americans in the 1990’s fell in love with the soft and luxurious natural fiber of cashmere. According to the Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute Cashmere is the fine (dehaired) undercoat fibers produced by a Cashmere goat (Capra hircus laniger).

During the 1990’s flannel was introduced and was widely popularized due to the Grunge trend. Flannel is usually made from a wool-cotton blend or wool- synthetic fiber blend and in the 90’s was often correlated with plaid.
Leather and leather imitation fabrics became huge in the late 1990s in pants, short, boxy jackets and mini skirts
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