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English 8 Journals 2012-2013

No description

Kelsey Johnson

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of English 8 Journals 2012-2013

Usually teachers always tell students their expectations (or rules) for the classroom. Now, it's your turn to tell me what you expect from me as your teacher. On one half of your page, make a list of your expectations of me and class, but then tell me why you expect that from me. On the other half, write some of the rumors you've heard about this class.

Remember to format your journal correctly for full points.
Keep writing until I tell you to stop...even if you end up doodling or writing nonsense! Just. Write.
Aim to get at least 5 expectations
Journal 1 - August 19
Journal 22 - October 1
Tell me about your favorite memory from this summer. Try to narrow it down to just one event (like one camping trip, or one weekend, or one shopping trip to The Cities, or one week you spent at camp, etc.). Be very descriptive and use those adjectives. Make me feel like I'm there with you!

Remember to format your journal correctly to get all points.
8th graders must fill 1/2 page minimum. However, keep writing until I tell you to stop.
Journal 2 - August 20
In a list or paragraph, tell me about all of your idiosyncracies (unique quirks) that make you YOU. Think of the daily rituals you do from waking up to getting to school to going to home to going to bed.

Remember to format your journal correctly.
Keep writing until I tell you to stop!
Journal 3 - August 21
What are your goals for this school year? Write at least 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph will be about your academic goals. The second paragraph will be about your athletic or extra-curricular goals. The final paragraph will be about your social goals (like with family and friends).

Remember, journals are due on Friday! You will have 8 entries. Make sure you leave them in your class folder so I can grade them!
Journal 4 - August 22
If you could fill the LaMoure swimming pool with Jello or pudding, which would you pick and why? What flavor would you make it? Tell me about an afternoon spent swimming in Jello or pudding.

Remember to format your journal correctly for full points. They are due on Friday in your class folder!
Journal 1 - August 25
First, write your definition of "leadership." Next, pretend you are the president of the LHS student council. If you had the power to change one or two things at LHS, what would you first want to change and why? They can be rules, consequences, classes, dress code policy, etc. Make sure you tell me WHY you would change it.

Journal 2 - August 26
“Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.” ~ Jim Rohn
Journal 4 - August 28
Many of us have personal heroes or people we admire. Pick your biggest hero (just one). Then, format your journal like a personal letter. Pretend you are writing a letter to the person you consider to be a hero or that you admire. Tell them why you think of them as a hero or admire them.
You just won the crappy lottery worth $5,000! But, wait! You can't spend any of the money on yourself. How do you spend the money? What would you do with it?
Journal 5 - August 29
All of us have special talents. Tell me about some of yours. What are you good at that others might struggle with? Do friends ask for help from you in certain subjects? Can you make more free throws or make the best tackles?
Journal 6 - September 2
We all have pet peeves or things that annoy us. Think about the things that annoy you the most and tell me about them. Why do those things annoy you?

Your journals were graded over the weekend. Check them out and respond to any comments I may have written. Keep on remembering to format your journals and getting at least a half page!
Journal 7 - September 3
Today is the 12 year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. I know you were young, but what do you remember about that day? Or, because 2 years ago was the 10 year anniversary, there were a lot of news specials and tributes last year. Do you remember what it was like "reliving" those memories last year?

Please respect each other during writing. Keep the room quiet and just keep writing.
Journal 8 - September 4
Journal 13 - September 5
If you could have any super power, what would it be and why? What would you use your super powers for?

Remember to format your page correctly and they're due tomorrow. Remember your book, too!
If you could be any character from a book (tv show, movie, comic, etc.) who would you be and why?

Journals are due tomorrow. Make sure you have 1/2 page written for each entry!

I will not be at school tomorrow. It will be a normal reading day. :)
Journal 10 - September 8
The world is changing really quickly. What do you think the world will be like when you're 30? 50? 80? Let your imagination run wild thinking of what it'll be like.

Journal 11 - September 9
Today, you're going to persuade me. You have to choose whether smoothies (any flavor) are better than milkshakes/malts (any flavor). Or, you can persuade me that milkshakes/malts are better than smoothies.

Your journal entry should be at least 3 paragraphs long each with at least 3-7 good sentences. Each paragraph should only discuss one reason why smoothies or milkshakes are better. So, you need to come up with 3 reasons one is better than the other and then write a paragraph defending each reason.

This will probably be difficult, and you will struggle. I want you to try and I want you to work. Don't give up! And, remember no reason is too ridiculous. :)
Journal 12 - September 10
What stresses you out? How do you react to stress? Some people blare music. Some people play piano. Some people go on runs. Some people scream and yell. What do you do?
Journal 9 - September 11
Journal 14 - September 12
Describe your perfect meal. If you were given one more meal before you die, what would it be? Describe how each part tastes and looks. Use your adjectives. I want to be able to taste it from reading your entry.

Remember your journals are due tomorrow!
Make sure all of your entries are formatted correctly and are 1/2 page long (at least). Also remember your books!
You're going to persuade me again! This time I want you to tell me whether or not LHS should adopt (get) a uniform policy. Again, you need to tell me 3 reasons in 3 paragraphs with at least 3-7 sentences. Think about the pros or cons to school uniforms.

Remember, this should be 3 different paragraphs (format them right).

Again, this should still be difficult for you. However, I expect you to work and try.
Journal 15 - September 15
You're going to persuade me...again! This time, I want you to tell me if you think the ND driving age is good or bad. It was changed last year, do you think drivers should be 14 or 15 or should they have to wait until they're 16 (or older) like in many other states? Again, 3 paragraphs with at least 3-7 sentences. Defend your reasons for whichever age you choose.

This should be getting just a little bit easier...but it might be hard.
Journal 16 - September 16
Journal 17 - September 17
So, you've had your iPads for about a month. What do you love about them? Like about them? Hate about them? What is the coolest thing you've used them for in class? What is the coolest thing you've discovered about them?
Journal 15 - September 18
What makes a book "good?" When you pick a book, what do you look for? Do you like sci-fi? Mysteries? Coming-of-age? Romance? Action? Do you prefer it to have a leading male of female or "alien" type of character?
Journal 16 - September 22
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you travel to and why? Have you ever been there before? Do you have plans in the (near) future to travel there?

Remember to format your journal correctly and get 1/2 page for each entry. Also, remember to keep writing the entire time I allow or at least remain silent and respect your classmates working.
Journal 17 - September 23
Creative writing prompt! You get to tell me a story based on this:

You hear a knock on the door. You answer. No one is there, but on the ground you see three items: a paper bag with something in it, a key, and a phone number written on the back of a business card. Who left them and why?
Journal 18 - September 24
Creative Writing prompt...again!

Pretend you are your shoe. What would a day in the life of your shoe be like? What icky, nasty stuff might you get into? What awesome places might you get to visit? Where does your shoe go? What does your shoe think? Who are your shoes best friends? What would your shoe say?

Reading Counts points are due in one more week!
Journal 19 - September 25
Journal 23 - September 25
Journal 20 - September 29
What is one accomplishment that you have done so far in life that you are incredibly proud of? Tell me about the story. Tell me about why it was so important for you. Tell me how hard you worked for it. Accomplishments don't necessarily mean you won something. You could have become a better friend. Vowed not to lie anymore. Kept your locker cleaned. Chose healthier foods. Used your planner more. Got voted funniest person in class. Got your hair to do exactly what you wanted it to do...finally.
Journal 21 - September 30
Out of all the teachers you've had throughout school, who is/was your favorite and why? What are the things you remember they taught you? Pretend you are writing that teacher a letter. Tell them what they meant to you, what they taught you, and why they are your favorite.

Remember to format this journal like a letter. Try to get at least 3/4 to a full page on this one!

RC Points due 4pm Friday. No exceptions - need 25 pts.
Journal 23 - October 2
Describe a time that your hard work paid off. Maybe you worked really hard studying for a test. Or, maybe you worked really hard to improve your vertical or how many free throws you can make or how fast you can run. Maybe you worked really hard creating an art project or building a fort. How did it feel when you accomplished something?

RC Due Friday, 4pm. No exceptions! Need 25 pts.
Journal 21 - October 6
We made it through our first quarter together. Remember back ALL the way to August. Today, you're going to write about what you remember the most during English 8. What was your favorite part? Least favorite part? What are 3 things you learned this quarter? What do you like about English 8? What do you dislike about English 8? What can I do to make our next quarter better?

Your journals are due today! So, make sure you finish up this entry.

Have a fantastic long weekend. I'll see you on Monday!
Journal 22 - October 7
What do you think the greatest invention of your life has been (or the last 50 years)? Why do you think so?

You can think electronics, technology, medically, vehicles, etc.

Reminder: Reading Counts are due in two weeks!
What would happen if your house caught fire? If you could only save 3 things, what would they be and why? Assume all of your family and pets are safe (so you don't need to use one of your "saves" on them).
If you could live during any time period for just one year, when would you want to live and why? Tell me about what you'd be wearing, what you would do for work or fun, and what your house looks like.
Out of all the books you've read for RC this quarter, which one was your favorite and why? If you only read one book, tell me about your favorite book of all time.
Tell me about a time when you got lost. What'd you do? What happened? How'd you find your way?

RC Pts due Friday, 4pm. No exceptions. Need 25.
Journal 23 - October 8
Tell me about your favorite Halloween. What was your favorite costume when you were little? What's your favorite candy to get? Are you going Trick-or-Treating this year? Do you like to watch scary movies around this time?
Journal 32 - October 15
How is the Facebook page creation going? Are you enjoying the assignment? Are your group members working well together? What's your favorite part? Least favorite part?
Journal 36 - October 14
Journals are due today!
Journal 37 - November 1
If you attended the One-Act play, did you enjoy it? What was your favorite part? Who was your favorite actor? Why?
Journal ?? - Skip a Day from monday
Journal 1 Q2 - October 20
This is going to be your letter to me about team work with your Facebook Profile Projects.
Journal 2 Q2 - October 21
*Stay on topic for 1/2 page* What behaviors (of other students) annoy you as a student? How does that behavior hinder/stop/interrupt your learning or productivity? If you could change their behavior, what would you do?
Journal 3 Q2 - October 22
Word association day. You're going to write about whatever you want based on the given word. It can be a ridiculous story, it can be a made up story, or it can be facts about the word. Whatever you want. The word is:

Mustang Convertible Cars
Journal 4 Q2 - October 23
Remember journals are due tomorrow! Make sure you format all of your entries correctly and get to a 1/2 page!
Answer the following questions:
1. What was your job(s) during the week long project? In other words, what did you do to get the job done?

2. How evenly was the work split amongst your team members? Who did a majority of the work? Who did hardly any work? Or, was all the work evenly split? (Please use specific names here.)

3. Is this a project you'd like to do again? Do you have suggestions on how to make it better?
This should fill at least a page if you do it correctly!
If you had to choose to be an only child or have 10 brothers and sisters, which would you choose and why?
Journal 5 Q2 - October 27
If you were an author, what kinds of books/poems/plays would you want to write? What would they be about?
Journal 6 Q2 - October 28
When you were drafting your Author Blurb, what struggles did you have? Tell me about your writing process you've had so far. Did you enjoy pretending you were an author by writing an author blurb?

Stay on this topic!
Journal 7 Q2 - October 29
Today, we're going to ask a bunch of "what ifs" questions to generate ideas for short stories. I'll have a bunch of "what if" prompts, and then spend a minute responding to each of them. If you start going on one of the questions, just keep going with that one instead of changing topics.

What if whales had legs?
What if cars could fly?
What if werewolves existed and escaped from the zoo?
What if North Dakota had weather like Hawaii all the time?
What if a human traveled to another planet and lived among aliens?
What if humans were allergic to the sun?
What if humans lived in the ocean and sea animals lived on land?
What if you could drive when you were 5?
What if a teenager won a million dollars but found out she had cancer and was going to die in 6 months?
Now, you make 2 what if questions and give one to your neighbor and keep one for yourself. Write about both of them.
Journal 8 Q2 - October 30
What has been your greatest "triumph" or success so far in the writing unit? What part or sentence from your author blurp do you especially like? Why?

Journals are due today. Remember to leave them here by 3:30!
Journal 13 Q2 - Nov 10
Journal 14 Q2 - November 12
Journal 15 Q2 - November 13
What's on your bucket list? (The list of things you want to do/accomplish before you die.)
Journal 9 Q2 - Nov 3
What are you struggling the most with your short story? When I go through your stories via Google Docs/email this weekend, what do you want me to focus on to give you the most help? Why?

Your journals are due TODAY by 4:00 since we won't have class Wednesday! Make sure they are left here and up to date since I graded them last. You should have 7 entries including today's. (Is that right?!)
January 2 - November 17
Describe your perfect utopia.

Look up the definition on your iPad.
November 18- Journal 2
Think of 3 rules or laws (maybe national, state, city, school, or family) you don't like. Write them down and tell me what you don't like about them.
November 19 - Journal 3
Tell me about a dream you've had recently. Describe what happened.

OR, if you don't remember any dreams you've ever had,
describe the worst dream someone could have.
November 20 - Journal 4
Today, you're going to share your feelings.

How has today been for you?
November 21 - Journal 5

If you had to choose a job for the rest of your life today, what would you choose and why?
Ceremony of Twelves.

Journal will be at end of class.
November 24 - Journal 6
Why might it be a good thing that everyone is the same?

Why might it be a bad thing everyone is the same?
November 25 - Journal 7
November 26 - Journal 8
November 27 - Journal 9
Predict (guess) what will be revealed (told/explained) about "Release" in chapter 19. Explain why you believe that's what "Release" is.
How would life be differently if you couldn't see color?
What would you miss about color?

If you're color blind, boys, do you ever wish you could see colors? Why or why not?
Why is it important to learn about the past?
Why do we need to study history?
Do you like or dislike Jonas as a character? Why?
November 28 - Journal 10
You will journal after today's discussion.

Topic will be: Knowing what you do about release after reading chapter 19, how did your guess from last week match up? What was the same? What was different? What surprised you?
December 1 - Journal 11
Do you think the plan Jonas has is going to work?
Why or why not?

Have you ever made a plan like Jonas'? Did it work? What happened?
December 2 - Journal 12
Describe your daily routine when you get out of bed in the morning.
December 3 - Journal 13
Describe the most outrageous thing anyone has dared you to do.
December 4 - Journal 14
Why is it important to follow directions? What has happened to you when you haven't followed directions? What negative/bad consequences could happen from not following directions?
December 5 - Journal 15
How do you normally study for tests? Do you even study for tests? (Why or why not?)

Are tests stressful for you? Why or why not?
December 8 - Journal 16
December 9 - Journal 17
December 10 - Journal 18
December 11 - Journal 19
Why don't we just have one langague that everyone in the world speaks. Think really hard about this. What would happen if we had just one language? What language would it be? Who would decide?
December 12 - Journal 20
What is your favorite memory from childhood?
December 15 - Journal 21
December 16 - Journal 22
December 17 - Journal 23
If you could be any other person, thing, or animal,
what would you be and why?
December 18 - Journal 24
It's Valentine's Day tomorrow.
Do you have any hot plans?
Have you received anything from anyone?
Do you have a secret admirer?
January 5 - Journal 26
How did you spend your 3 day weekend?
January 6 - Journal 27
Your parents decide you're
going to get a
brother or sister
(adopted, found,
made, whatever).
Do you wish for a bro or sis? Why?
January 7 - Journal 28
Finish this sentence into a journal prompt:

What I always wanted to say is. . .
January 8 - Journal 29
January 9 - Journal 30
Write an anonymous letter to someone telling them the greatest things you've learned throughout your life. Make sure you tell him/her why they were so great and/or how those lessons have affected you.
January 12 - Journal 31
Draw a big heart that covers your whole page. Inside the heart, write all the songs that are important to you or that have happy memories associated with them. On the outside of the heart (or closer to the edges), write all the songs you hate or that have negative memories associated with them.
January 13 - Journal 32
What do you do when you're in a bad mood?
January 14 - Journal 33
Think about your work ethic this past quarter or school year. Do you believe you are working to your potential? Why or why not? Do you believe you can improve to be a better English student (or student in general)? How so?
What goals (grade-wise/homework/etc.) do you have for quarter 4?
Reading Counts due on Friday - 4pm!
Reading Counts due on Friday at 4pm!
Reading counts due Friday at 4pm!
Stay on task with this entry topic.
January 15 - Journal 34
January 16 - Journal 35
January 19 - Journal 9
December 19 - Journal 25
What is your favorite thing in the whole wide world? Describe it and tell me about it
Journal 11 - January 21
What did you do over your long weekend?
Journal 12 - January 22
If you could relive any day of your life, which would you choose? Why? You can also describe that day to me, too!
Journal 13 - January 26
Your parents leave for a 3 day weekend.

What do you do? You have the whole house to yourself (no siblings)!
Journal 14 - January 27
Why do you think teachers require students (you!) to get your homework in on time? Why do you think teachers require you to work hard?

You can't just say because we're mean.
Really consider the reason teachers do this!
Please start your quarter 4 journals on a new sheet that is clean on front and back.
Make a list of everything you are grateful for.

These can be BIG or SMALL things.

Just keep writing until I tell you to stop!
Journal 15 - January 28
How important is it to have popularity in school?
Why do you think that?
Journal 43 - January 30
If you were to write a message in a bottle, what would you write? Where would you "send it off" at and where would you hope it got found?
Journal 44 - February 2
What was your "comfort object" from childhood? Think about your favorite stuffed animal or blanket or book. Tell me why it is/was so important. Describe it well.
Journal 17 - February 2
What are your plans for Easter? Do you celebrate it? Do you have family traditions you do? Do you go egg hunting?
Journal 19 - February 4
What is your favorite part of winter?
Journal 20 - February 5
List anything you know about the Holocaust, Anne Frank, Hitler, WWII, etc.
Journal 21 - February 9
Why is it important for us to fight against injustice? Have you ever had to stick up for someone who was being treated unfairly?
Journal 22 - February 10
Which quality best describes your life:

Journal 23 - February 11
What is the most interesting (or shocking) thing you've learned through your research? Why is it so interesting or shocking?
Journal 24 - February 12
If you had to be stuck in a library, zoo, or museum for the next 25 years, which would you choose and why?

(assume you would get food, shelter, water)
Journal 25 - February 16
The most fun I've had recently is...
Journal 26 - February 17
I can't wait for ________________, because...
Journal 27 - February 18
How is your journal you keep for this class similar to Anne Frank's?
and, why would people keep journals/diaries?
Journal 30 - February 25
Tell me about a time you were really scared.

If you claim you've never been scared, tell me what you would do if you were scared.
Journal 33 - March 3
What if Santa came RIGHT. NOW.?
Tell me about 3 specific things you have learned from this unit so far. Include why that lesson was important, how it relates to your life, etc.
Journal 29 - February 24
Describe an important person in your life:
looks, personality, behaviors, etc.

Use many adjectives!
Journal 32 - March 2
Journal 62 - February 26
Put yourself in Anne's shoes. What would the worst part of her experience in the Secret Annex be? Why?
Journal 63 - February 27
Pretend you're stuck in a space that is only 6 feet by 6 feet big with 2 other people.

What would be the most annoying aspect?
What would you do (knowing that if you stepped outside of the space you would be killed)?
What would you do to pass the time?
Journal 64 - March 2
The people trapped in the Secret Annex didn't have very many food choices. Imagine you had to choose among 3 things to eat for meals for the next year. Which 3 things would you choose and why? What 3 things would you absolutely NOT want to have to eat? Why?
Journal 3 - August 27
August is National Invention Month. What is something you'd like to invent and why?
Remember to have a reading book for tomorrow! It's silent reading day and you lose 5 out of 10 points for not having it when you come to class!
What's your favorite color? Why?

RC pts due by 4pm. 25 pts needed

Journals due today. Should have 4 total. Due by 3:30!
Journal 24 - October 10
Free write about something you dislike.
Journal 25 - October 13
Journal 26 - October 14
What's your favorite childhood memory?

Journals due tomorrow - need 2 total!
Journal 27 - October 15
How do you spend your time online?

Journals due today. Need 3!
Must do this topic - full page - each main question should be a full page. I'll show an example...
1. How many RC pts did you have Q1?
- Were you satisfied with that?
- How do you plan on improving?
- Do you have a book(s) picked out for Q2 points? What are they?
- If not, have one for tomorrow to show Kelsey.
2. What was your grade Q1?
- Were you satisfied with that?
- How can you do better Q2?
- Looking at your grade sheet, what do you believe was the biggest thing holding you back from a better grade? (Late assignments? Missing assignments? RC? Journals? Etc...)
3. Do you believe your behavior in English 8 is helping you be your best?
- What exactly is hindering you?
- How do you want to improve?
4. Do you believe your behavior in English 8 is helping your classmates be their best?
- Do you think you are an interruption? How so?
- Do you think your attitude is helpful to others?
- In small groups, do you put forth effort or do you make the other person do the work?
- Is that fair to your group mates?
5. Name one specific goal you want to really focus and work on this quarter.

What are your goals? How will you meet them?
The funny thing is ...

(start a story like that and finish it...)
Journal 10 Q2 - Nov 4
Describe a friend
without using his/her name
Journal 11 Q2 - Nov 5
What are your favorite sports to watch or play?

Tomorrow is a reading day. Remember books and stuff!
Journal 12 Q2 - Nov 7
What's your favorite part of
the book we're reading so far?
Journal 16 Q2 - November 17
Journal 17 Q2 - Novemeber 18
Journal 18 Q2 - November 19
Journal 19 Q2 - November 20
Journal 20 Q2 - November 24
Journal ?? - December 1
Journal 59 - November 12
RC Due Tomorrow at 4!
Journal 60 - November 13
Journal 61 - November 14
Last entry for semester! Tell me how the semester went, what I can help you with more, etc. What went well, what didn't go so well.
Journals are due today! Leave 'em here!
Reading Counts due TOMORROW at 4!
January 20 - Journal 10
How was Quarter 3 for you!?
Make a GIANT list of:
favorite books
favorite movies
(maybe) favorite TV shows
(maybe) favorite BANDS (not songs)

Keep writing until I tell you to stop!
Journal 16 - January 29
Journal 18 - February 3
April Fool's Jokes
Journal 28 - February 23
Journal 57 - February 19
Journal 65 - March 3
Journal 34 - March 4
Journal 35 - March 9
Journal 36 - March 10
Journal 37 - March 11
Journal 70 - March 8
Journal 38 - March 12
I wish everyone loved...
What is more important to you:
being popular
being organized
being smart?

Your worst moment...
Describe your perfect vacation
What if you lived under water?
What if everyone wore the same clothes?

No School on Friday. 3 journals are due this week!
What if children ruled the world?
What do you think would happen if there were no rules?
If you had to describe yourself as a color - what color? Why?
What do you think your friends say about you when you're not around?
What TV or Movie star would you invite to dinner? Why?

Or to Prom? Why?
How PUMPED are you for high school!?
Write a letter to next year's 8th graders telling them
1. what to expect.
2. how to behave to get results
3. any other info you think they'll need to succeed in my room.
(You can be mean/honest!)

Put this on a clean sheet - as I'll use them.
Journal 40- January
Your J#s might be slightly off. Just start with J21 so we're all the same starting now!
Journals due tomorrow by 3:30! Let's start the new quarter off well! Remember RC books, too!
Tomorrow is Halloween. What're your plans? Or, what was your favorite Halloween in the past? Why?
Journals due tomorrow by 3:30. Remember RC Book, too!
Look back at your 1st to journals from this quarter. Do you feel you're making progress? Off to a good start? What can you try to work on this week?
If you could spend a day with one famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
What'd you do on your day off?
If you could change one thing at LHS that directly affects you, what would it be and why?
What are you thankful for? Why?
Journal 23 - Dec 2
What frustrates you about writing?
Journal 24 - Dec 3
Tell me about a time you felt successful or good about writing.
Stay on topic.
Stay on topic.
Journal 25 - Dec 4
Story Dice
Journal 26 - Dec 8
Story Dice
Journal 27 - Dec 9
Story Dice
Journal 28 - Dec 10
Journal 29 - Dec 11
Story Dice

Journal 30 - Dec 15
Stay on topic.
Think about the writing you've done this unit. What's been your favorite and why?
Journal 31 - Dec 16
Stay on topic.
What did you struggle with the most this semester and why?
Journal 31 - Dec 17
Stay on topic.
How did this semester go? How can you improve for next semester?
Describe your perfect utopia (or, if you could be anywhere in the world, where and why?)
Kelsey is gone tomorrow. It's a reading day. 4 journals are due TODAY SO I CAN GRADE THEM!!
Do you like Jonas' character?
Why or why not?
Do you like Asher's character?
Why or why not?
Stay on task for this one!

1. Tell me what a narrative is (or give me an example).
2. Write a short narrative about what you've done this week.
Journals are due tomorrow! You should have 4!
March 16 - Journal 1
What have you done since we've gotten nice weather?
March 17 - Journal 2
Do you enjoy going to pep rallies?
Why or why not?

March 23 - Journal 3
March 24 - Journal 4
March 25 - Journal 5
Stay on task: If you were in charge of your own parent-teacher conference, what would you tell your parents?
What is the greatest invention of all? Why?
Stay on task.
1st - define tolerance.
2nd - why is it important to be tolerant of others?

March 26 - Journal 6
Stay on task.
If you were trapped in a room about this classroom's size. What 2 people would you want with you most? What 3 items would you most want? And, what 3 foods would you want? Whatever you choose you'll ONLY have for one year.
March 30 - Journal 7
Stay on task: What is the worst thing that happened in history? Why?
March 31 - Journal 8
What was your favorite game to play as a kid? Why?
April 1 - Journal 9
Tell me about April Fool's Jokes.
April 7 - Journal 10
What'd you do over the long weekend?
April 8 - Journal 11
Stay on task: Tell me about the most interesting thing you learned about your research topic so far.
April 9 - Journal 12
Stay on task: Why is it important to learn about history?
April 10 - Journal 13
Stay on Task: How was notecarding!?

Journal 16 - April 16
Your YouTube video just hit 1 million views. What's it about?
Journal 17 - April 20
What would you find over the rainbow? why?
Journal 18 - April 21
What do you do to pass the time?
Journal 19 - April 22
What's it feel like to lose?
You only have 3 journals this week.
I'll collect tomorrow - THURSDAY!
Journal 20 - April 27
Journal 21 - April 28
Journal 22 - April 29
Journal 23 - April 30
What's it feel like to win?
There's less than a month of school. Less than a month! What are you excited about?
There's less than a month of school left. Less than a month. What scares you about becoming FRESHMEN!?
You are the president. What things would you change first? Why?
Journal 24 - May 5
Would you save your pet if it were getting attacked by a bear (or other animal) knowing you're putting yourself in harm's way?
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