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Copy of Security in the Cloud

No description

ne mo

on 5 July 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Security in the Cloud

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Overview.
Security Issues In Cloud Computing.
Search over Encrypted data in Cloud Computing.
Algorithms Implementation.

Cloud Computing
refers to saving of user’s data to an offsite storage system that is maintained by a third party.
Cloud Security

refers to a set of policies, technologies, and controls deployed to protect data, applications, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing.
transformation of a cloud service customer's data into cipher text.

Dr. Osama Ouda
Service Models & Deployment Models
how to search over
this encrypted data ??
Search with Secure Inner Product Evaluation Algorithm.
Search with Efficient Tree-Based Search Algorithm.
Inner-product algorithm
Suppose we have more than one file (f1,f2,f3) for each file making vector(0,1) stored with it.
So that we have two vectors:
(one for file and the other for dictionary)
When search; forming the vector for the dictionary, Matching between vector of file and vector of dictionary
When the matching achieved…..Retrieve that file.

Efficient Tree-Based
Search Algorithm
How To Build Index??
Suppose we have 3 text files containing words,
Select all words from all text files and then collect words without redundant in single text file.

Matching Process

From the name of the search algorithm (Dot Produt)
Matching process is required to product vector's file by vector's text search

Encryption form
Encryption form ...
Inner_product form
Inner_product form ...
Inner_product form ...
Implementation ...
Searching over Encrypted data ...
Exact Keyword Search.
Fuzzy Keyword Search.

Exact Keyword Search vs. Fuzzy Keyword Search.
Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Ranked Search.

Secure Index.
Index Structure.
by keywords.
per document.
Similarity-Based Ranking.
Binary search tree.
Operations(insertion -search-delete).
Inner-product based Algorithm
Search Algorithm
More flexible
Can updatefiles.
More efficient
Time Complexity
Average case: O(logn)
Worst case: O(n)
Size of file is constant.
Can not update files.

Time Complexity
As: n for multiplications
n+1 for additions
Cloud Security ...
1/data breaches
2/account or service traffic hijacking
3/denial of service
1/strong encryption system
2/effictive key management
3/access control
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