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Sam in Poland

No description

Samence Changski

on 14 July 2013

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Transcript of Sam in Poland

Sam in Poland
Karol painting the bedroom
Finished bedroom!
living room
front hall
What's in the freezer?
Watermelons and marigolds
and in the fridge?
homemade yum
they didn't have "Sam"...
typical summer day
our pet poodle
Wieliczka, a town with famous salt mines
A Ukrainian Orthodox church
Prsemyśł, the birth city on grampa's dad's marriage certificate
crossin' the boarda
a street in Rzeszów
communist-style apt. blocs
the view!
a cemetery close to our house
an empty tram
hehe koks
(karol was born in this city)
thanks for watching!!
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