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Georgia and The

No description

Kayla Laderoute

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Georgia and The

Georgia and Them There
United States

By: Crystal and Kayla
The short story is about a girl named June who lives in Jamaica with her mother. June loves Jamaica but must move to the Bronx in New York however she despises the US. She has an aunt named Leticia and cousin named Georgia who live there. The story starts off with her aunt Leticia sending June's mom a letter telling her Georgia's visa is coming down. The story later changes to June's point of view which varies between present and past tense.
Main Characters and Theme
June- She is the narrator and lives in Jamaica with her mom and siblings.
Leticia- The aunt who lives in the Bronx in New York.
Georgia- June's cousin who lives with her mom Leticia in New York.

The theme of the novel is sadness, depression and migration. June is sad through the whole story since she is moving away and she thinks that New York is a dull and dirty place.

At the beginning of the short story it starts off with a letter but the rest is in 1st person with June dictating everything she see's and feels.
"They were uncomplimentary words that described a place that could not be complimented: burnt out, dirty, dingy, waste" (pg 139).
"That this thing created out of the imagination of my crazy aunt was what I would have to get accustomed to in the name of my cousin who had been simple yes, but not mad until her mother gave her a chance to 'make it' in the US of A" (pg 140).
The style is in present and past tense. It's also a poetic vocabulary. Some literary devices are simile, metaphor and juxtaposition.
Georgia and Leticia wear wigs which symbolizes things that are not what they seem. There is a lot of emphasis on wigs in the story. It could symbolize how America is not what everyone makes of it. It's not as grand as everyone says it is. Just like how people wear wigs to improve their look.

POINT OF VIEW and Important Lines
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