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LIT10 Metis

No description


on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of LIT10 Metis

Famous Family Members & Family History Metis was the first wife of Zeus.
She was also the mother of the goddess of wisdom, Athena.
Metis was the daughter of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys (brother and sister), making her an Oceanid.
Gaea, the mother of all things, and Uranus, the god of the sky, gave birth to the Titans. goddess of prudence, wisdom, and good counsel
-no Roman name An Interesting Story As each of the Titan Cronus's children were born, he swallowed them because he was afraid they would eventually overthrow him. Rhea, Cronus's wife, did not like this and so when their son Zeus was born, she presented Cronus with a rock in a blanket to swallow instead of the baby. Rhea then hid Zeus on the island of Crete, where he grew up. Metis came and tricked Cronus into drinking something which made him throw up all his now grown-up children, who, in addition to Zeus, defeated Cronus after all. Another Story Zeus eventually fell in love with Metis. Though hesitant at first, Metis was pursued by Zeus until she finally agreed to marry him. However, an oracle predicted that Metis would have two children: a daughter (Athena), and a son who would eventually take over Zeus's throne. This angered the powerful Zeus, so he swallowed the pregnant Metis. However, Zeus developed a terrible headache. When he opened up his head, out jumped a fully grown, fully clothed Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Modern Use of "Metis" The Métis are a tribe of people in Canada and the northern United States. They are technically considered to be the children of a Native American and a white person, usually with French ancestry. This is probably not associated with the goddess.
Metis Systems is an Italian brand of computer scanners. This conveys an intelligent computer, which is likely why the name was chosen.
Metis is symbolized by water because she is an Oceanid, or nymph of the sea. Oceanids were the three or four thousand daughters of Tethys and Oceanus, and each was the goddess of her own sea, lake, river, or other body of water. Greek Goddess Metis by: Dana Kneisley
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