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App-ucation: Integrating iPad Apps into Education

No description

Kerry Forsythe

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of App-ucation: Integrating iPad Apps into Education

App-ucation Integrating iPad Apps into Education iPad Apps & Learning Selecting Apps Evaluating Apps Resources Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Digital Learning Farm Digital Curation Toolbox Bloom's Taxonomy 21st Century Learner How can iPads be used in Classroom? Why iPads? Introduction Improve classroom management.
Engage the disengaged.
Teach core concepts.
Improve technology skills.
Encourage collaboration.
Nurture creativity.
Assist special needs learning.
Facilitate students & teacher interactivity.
Assess student learning.
Empowers students to take responsibility for their learning.
Research on the go.
Personalize and customize learning.
Go paperless. 21st Century Skills & Literacies Our list of Notable Apps arranged by Bloom's Taxonomy Checklists & Rubrics Apple: iPad in Education - http://www.apple.com/education/ipad/
iPads in Education - http://ipadeducators.ning.com
Kathy Schrock's iPads in the Classroom - http://www.schrockguide.net/ipads-in-the-classroom.html
Learning in Hand - http://learninginhand.com/ios/
iPads in Education - http://www.ipadineducation.co.uk/iPad_in_Education/Welcome.html
Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center's iPad Resources for Administrators - http://www.mhric.org/ipad2.html
iPad Curriculum - http://www.ipadcurriculum.com
iPad K12 - http://ipadk12.com
iPad for School Administration Use - http://www.slideshare.net/rvoltz/ipad-for-administrators-7080943 (Slideshare)
Dean's Training Resources - iPads for Administrators - http://sites.google.com/site/websiteevaluationresources/ipads-for-administrators
Teach with your iPad - http://teachwithyouripad.wikispaces.com/
Apps in Education - http://appsineducation.blogspot.com
Learning with iPads - http://learningwithipads.blogspot.com
iPad Schools- http://ipadschools.wikispaces.com
Apptivities - http://www.apptivities.org
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