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Fish Philosophy Presentation

No description

Michael Peoples

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Fish Philosophy Presentation

Customer Service Be There Play Make Their Day Choose Your Attitude Be physically present in your area
Tune into the residents' needs
Be aware of what is going on in the area
Scout for students who need assistance Be knowledgeable and have info available
Put in the extra effort
Have resources
Be courteous & welcoming
Be Excited =) Ice breakers/Games
Plan fun and engaging programs
Relax-go to their level
Always have a positive, friendly attitude
Show OSPREY PRIDE! Be enthusiastic!
Show personal interest/engage
Have a welcoming attitude
Encourage accomplishments
Remember what residents tell you and follow up
Make your area look awesome!!! Remember it's the first time they are receiving the information
Focus on the positives of your position
Smiles are contagious
Be unique & spontaneous
Be positive, energetic & motivated
Help keep your fellow RA's positive! THE STAFF THAT SMILES BACK, RAs! Good Customer Service Bad Customer Service VS. Learn from the creators
themselves! Brainstorm: What are some ways we can use the FISH! Philosophy during Welcome Week and the upcoming year? Review: Developed in the fish markets of Seattle, the 4 pillars of the FISH Philosophy are: We represent Stockton
We are the first impression of the student body
If you don't know an answer, find someone who does; don't give out wrong information
So keep the FISH! Philosophy in mind, and always remember to be...
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