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Madison Carey And Makayla Bowman Best Friend Forever!

Me And Madsion Will Be Best Friend Forever Nothing Will Or Is Gonna Tear Us A Part!

Makayla Bowman

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of Madison Carey And Makayla Bowman Best Friend Forever!

Madison Carey Makayla Bowman Madison Carey Is Makylas Best Friend Shes Always Their For Me I Never Have Too Worry Bout Lossing Her Cause She Will ALWAYS Be There. Sometimes I Might Want To Go Away But I Know She Wont! She Will Stay And Try To Figure Out What Is Wrong! I Wouldnt Be Able To Go Through Life WithOut Her Thanks...... I feel loved a lot...... I guess I will find me a bestfriend. One that is really my bestfriend instead of just acting like it. :'( I guess my signature needs a change.
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