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Canada is not a nation to be proud of

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Yas Farokhnejad

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of Canada is not a nation to be proud of

Canada is not a nation to be proud of
Yas Farokhnejad
SS. St. Louis
Rwanda Genocide
Canada is not a nation to be proud of
said no to jewish refugees (anti-Semitic)
let the nazis kill them while we stood back
Prime Minister said "none is too many" for letting jews in Canada
Canada was racist and took away human rights
SS. St. Louis
Hutu were killing the Tutsi
Canada backed out because of the chaos
Canada let millions of lives go because it was too intense
Rwanda Genocide
Robert Borden won the election by giving most women the right to vote
Prime Minister was for it and allowed voting eventually
Many women fought at risks
suffrage movement
Canada has accomplished a number of things over the years
some have been tucked under the rug
in 100 years Canada has improved most flaws from before and has come a long way
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