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Mary Nohl

No description

Aubrey Baril

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Mary Nohl

Mary Nohl

Personal Achievements
Mary enrolled in the art institute of Chicago where she learned a variety of art techniques.
Mary Nohl Presentation
Important Events
Date of IE
Character Traits
Description of IE
Lessons Learned
Mary Nohl Artwork
What can I
Mary Nohl was a lady with a passion for art. She followed through and accomplished big goals. She sets an example for all of us.
Mary Nohl was born in Milwaukee,WI
Mary graduated from Hartford Avenue School
Mary enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago
Mary started working as an apprentice to learn basic steps
Mary met Ros, a life-long friend
Mary opened a pottery shop
Mary died on Dec. 22
The Great Depression
happened when Mary
went to college.
Even though Mary's parents could afford if she went to college, she still
saved all the money
she could get.
By:Aubrey, Claire, and Carly
of contribution
Mary created thousands of pottery pieces so others could
enjoy them.

Mary created more than 350 pieces of silver jewelry so people could share, and enjoy them.
Mary made her best beloved home out of a piano box when Mary was a child.
Its benefit to others
Mary created
more than 350 pies of silver jewelry
So other people
can wear and enjoy Mary's creations
Mary graduated from Hartford avenue school with good grades in art and shop class.
Mary never gave up on art and made many creations
So other people can look at all the beautiful she made.
Mary won a contest for shop class. The prize was $500 and a ride on a small airplane.
This tells me that Mary is persistent and wise to know to save her money.
A photographer broke Mary's plane just before a citywide contest Mary entered.
Mary was sad. But later in her life Mary fixed it and hung it up on the ceiling for memories.
Mary was smart and stayed calm before she got mad and maybe almost get into trouble.
Mary visited Easter island and wanted to make one of her own

1. Mary made her best beloved home out of a piano box.
2. Mary copied a concrete head from the one on Easter Island.
Use what you have wisely
When it was the great depression Mary learned how to save and buget her money.
Don't care what others think
Mary quit writing in
her diary.
When Mary was the only girl in shop class she kept on pursuing and graduated.
Believe in yourself
She's wise because if
she wrote more, it
could make her health fail even more
When people told Mary her ideas were crazy she ignored them and kept on doing what she wanted.
Fun Facts
Mary had a brother named Max
Max was 4 years older than Mary
The dinosaur dog in the front of Mary's yard is the tallest standing statue there
The dinosaur dog is 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide
On Mary's porch step the word BOO will be there to greet guests when they come to her door
So other people don't have to travel all the way to Easter island
to see the concrete heads there if it is to expensive for their family.

1. Mary cut food trays into the shape of fish and hung them up on a chandelier. 2. Mary's favorite hobby was collecting trash other people to away. She even collected red and gold cigar bands.
It doesn't matter Mary was young or old she was always adventurous. She would go on the beach or pretty much anywhere else she could explore.
1. Mary didn't have great success with her pottery shop but she said, "Whenever business is down its OK because I know soon it will be up again." 2. Mary got a lot of daily exercise and it said that after the day was done Mary would be very tired.
Fun Facts
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