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Roald Amundsen

Discovering the South Pole

filip brattbakk

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen By Filip Brattbakk A pioneer within Norwegian exploration Early Life Born: 16 of July in Borge, Østfold, Norway His mom and dad (Jens Amundsen and Hanna Sahlqvist) were both shipowners and captains Family wanted him to become a doctor Quit university at age 21. Inspired by Fridtjof Nansen's crossing of Greenland Decided on a life of exploration References: 6/3/12: Wikipedia.org 6/3/12: Google.com Belgian Antartic Expedition (1897-99) Set off in 1897 headed for Antartica Ship called "Belgica" Belgica got stuck in the ice on the way there, just outside of an island called Alexander Island Ran out of food quickly Another of the crew luckily knew how to hunt, so the crew were saved Later in his life this hunting lesson helped him alot The "Belgica" stuck in the ice outside Alexander Island His place of birth Northwest Passage (1903-1906) His full name is Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen Amundsen set off in 1903 attempting to traverse the Northwest passage The Northwest Passage is located between the Atlantic and Pacific ocean Amundsen used a 47 tonn steel ship with small gasoline engine called "Gjøa" for the expedition Learnt from the local Netsilik people of how to survive in the arctic Amundsen navigated the ship succesfully through the Northwest Passage after 3 years of travelling The Northwest Passage (the red route) Roald Amundsen in a woolen parka 7/3/12: Wikipedia.org 7/3/12: Google.com South Pole expedition (1910-12) In 1910 Amundsen set off, trying to become the first man to ever reach the South Pole Amundsen thought of going to the North Pole, but upon hearing that Frederick Cook and Robert Peary (explorers) had already been there, he rerouted to Antartica Amundsen used the ship "Fram" for the expedition Set up camp called "Framheim " when they met land Used skis and dogsleds as transportation Three of the crew members had to be abandoned on the way du to extreme temperatures Amundsen and his crew reached the South Pole on the 13 of December 1911 In total 36 dogs and 3 crew members had to be left behind on the trip to the South Pole! Other Achievements/Facts: Amundsen and his crew looking at the Norwegian flag at the South Pole Amundsen also sailed through the Northeast passage after the South Pole expedition Last year a Norwegian team of five tried following in Amundsen footsteps and reach the South Pole, but sank after a storm In 1925 Amundsen flew to the North Pole and made an airstrip there along with five others Was 100 years since Amundsen reached the South Pole last year (2011) Disappearence and Death: Disappeared in 1928 during a rescue mission His body has still never been found after two searches in 2004 and 2009 Amundsen's, along with other explorers (including Ernest Shackleton) expeditions are seen to a big part of the "Heroic Age of Antartic Expedition" Amundsen wrote a book about his trip Thanks for watching! Did not make it to Antartica 10/3/12: Wikipedia.org 10/3/12: Google.com If you have any questions i'll try my best to answer them!
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