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Instagram and Facebook Comparison

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Stephanie Tamayo

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Instagram and Facebook Comparison

Instagram and Facebook What is FACEBOOK
INSTAGRAM? Instagram Similarities and differences Similarities Differences Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram Facebook FACEBOOK Facebook FACEBOOK is a social network. Facebook allows you to be able to chat with others throughout messaging, and you could
also call other's throughout this social network. FACEBOOK is also a social network that
allows you to take pictures and post them
on your wall so other's could see them and
like the picture or comment on it. In Instagram you can upload pictures.
You have your own profile you can make
it private so only your followers can see
your pictures. In Instagram you can follow people.
You can also see pictures of people you
follow and see pictures that made it to
the popular page. You can also see the picture that
the people you follow like. You can like and comment on pictures. Instagram is a fun way for you
too see what your friends are up to. Facebook and Instagram have some
similarities like...
In both you can upload images.
In common is that you can comment and like pictures.
You can share images for your friends to see and they can like it.
In both it notifies you when people like your picture. In Facebook and Instagram there is some differences...
You could not chat or message any person in Instagram but in Facebook you could.In Facebook you write anything in your wall or in other people wall and in Instagram you cannot do anything like that.On Facebook you can post status so your Friends can see and on Instagram you can't. Facebook is a social network that
lets you communicate with others. BY:Stephanie Tamayo and Lorena Gamino
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