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A Touch of Culture

Mexican Culture

Robyn Humphreys

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of A Touch of Culture

Traditions and Celebrations The Day of The Dead. This holiday is about celebrating the memories of those who have lived before them. It's a little like Halloween, except Halloween fears death and The Day of The Dead celebrates it.

Cinco De Mayo, the fifth of May. This is a festival that is celebrated because Mexico had won again France in a war in 1862. It is celebrated in other countries too.

They celebrate Christmas as well as, Las Posadas which goes from December 16th, to December 25th. It is recognized as a nine day Novena, which represents the nine month pregnancy, specifically the pregnancy of Mary carrying Jesus.

They celebrate Easter, otherwise known as Pascua, there are many customs for this holiday which they have adapted from Spain. This holiday is celebrated for the birth, death and Resurrection of Jesus.

Independence Day is celebrated on September 16th every year. The date marks the start of the Independence war which lasted 10 years. Father Hidalgo and a group of conspirators rang a bell and called everyone to liberty. Every year the story is re-enacted and everyone of all ages join. Cinco de Mayo A Mexican Culture Rites of Passage In Mexico there used to be many Native American civilizations before the Spanish came in 1519. They were all assimilated into Christianity. They were forced to adapt to European customs. In 1818, The United States had taken half of the northern part of Mexico, however they won their Independence in 1821. Mexicans have American Christmas traditions like gift giving and putting up a Christmas tree. 90 - 95% of Mexicans are Roman Catholic. However this religion includes Folklore and pre-European religions. Histories Combination of Mexican,
Native and European Mexican Dresses Traditional Men's Clothing S
s Globalization The Native American civilizations had built massive stone and head carvings, when the Olmecs had mysteriously vanished, they had left behind few artifacts but their influence on other cultures was unbelievable.
To appease their many gods, many of the cultures after the Olmecs had practiced human sacrifice in order to store balance in their spirituality.
Then came the extinction of the Aztecs. Cortes had a mission to kill the Aztecs and take their gold, instead he had captured the Aztec leader who died as prisoner and destroyed the Aztec city.
The Mexican Revolution of 1910. It was based on disagreements of the dictatorship of President Porfirio Díaz, he and his supporters had gone against the Mexican constitution by using their political and economical resources to stay in power indefinitely.
Mexico had gained Independence in 1821. Mexico is essentially Roman Catholic, but the evangelical churches have expanded their membership. Being in competition with the evangelical churches, the Roman Catholic churches seek greater visibility MUSIC Traditional Clothing MEXICO A Touch of Culture Mexican Culture The music of Mexico is very diverse. It has been influenced by a variety of cultures, mostly Indigenous Mexican. Corrido- A popular narritive song of poetry form, like a ballad. The lyrics are usually old legends about a famed criminal or hero in Mexico.
Ranchera- Genre of traditional music orignally sung by one performer with a guitar.
Mariachi- This is an ensemble that consists of guitarrón, vihuela, guitar, violins and trumpets.
Conjunto norteño- Ensemble specialized in norteño music. It consists of diatonic accordion, bajo sexto, double bass and drums.
They also have the music we listen to:
Electronic Forms and Ensembles: Religion Mexican
Cuisine Burritos Enchiladas Tamales Fajitas Quesadilla Salsa Guacamole Nachos Tortillas Tacos Etiquette Men and women usually bow or shake hands when they meet. When dining in a mexican's home always keep your hands above the table, only men can propose a toast, and drinking excessively is prohibited. When invited to a house, do not arrive on time for social engagement, you will be waiting hours. Flowers should be brought when invited to a Mexican home. The mexican clothing has been affected by globalization, because they now wear mostly modern American clothing. Mexicans entertain themselves just like any other American, through television, computers, internet etc. Some famous Mexican food is made out of Mexico by Mexican immagrants. Mexican culture has been brought to other countries as well, many other countries celebrate Cinco de Mayo. They eat many Mexican foods, and they wear Mexican clothing. Mexico is apart of the NAFTA which has allowed some agricultural goods to be tariff free. The Mexican religion partially European and partially Native.
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