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How the seven functions of marketing apply to the iPhone

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Kameron Birchfield

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of How the seven functions of marketing apply to the iPhone

How the seven functions of marketing apply to the iPhone 5

New ear bud design
iOS6 Software
18% thinner, 20% lighter than 4s
4-inch Retina display
LTE wireless technology, ultra fast connectivity and battery life.
A6 chip= better, faster, longer graphics
Panoramic photography
iPhone 5 is everywhere, easy for customers purchase
Online deliveries shipped by large companies such as UPS and FedEx
Social Hype=Word of mouth, a powerful selling method
People see friends with iPhone=they switch to iPhone 5
A well established brand, has loyal fans
Some celebrities are iPhone users and that encourages fans.
Comes in black and white
$699 +tax (16GB)
$799 +tax (32GB)
$899 +tax (64GB)
(prices vary from mobile contracts)

(special prices for students and educational purposes are retailed)
Market information management
Tech radar: 4.5/5
Cnet.com: 4/5
-> Overall, average ratings
Analysts predicted over 10 million iPhones to be sold
Can be purchased in 100 countries
TV ads boost sells
Sold over 5,000,000 in the first three days
Product service/ management
Online Service
Apple website is easy to navigate, organized to common questions/issues
Customer service is available online or over the phone.
Offers "Apple Care", premium support and coverage (prices vary for devices.)
Special service for business owners
In-Store Service
Very good service, friendly staff
Too busy, customers must wait in line to receive service.

Stores allow customers to test products
Offers iPhone accessories
Genius Bar for 1 on 1 service, book appointments.

various phone companies offer different plans
(Minimum 3 year contract)
16GB- $179.99
32-GB- $279.99
64GB- $379.99
Sources say 16GB iPhone costs $167.50 to build,if it sold for standard price a $481.50 profit
Why Apple thinks iPhone 5 is revolutionary
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