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Football, Nationalism and Media

No description

Shota Suzuki

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Football, Nationalism and Media

How people were intoxicated and divided
in the former Yugoslavia in the late 1980s & 1990s Football, Nationalism and Media Starting Members of 1st game in Italian World Cup in 1990 versus West Germany Bosnian: DF Faruk Hadibegi, MF Safet Sui
Croatian: GK Tomislav Ivkovi, DF Zoran Vuli, DF Davor Jozi
Montenegro: FW Zlatko Vujovic, FW Dejan Savievi
Muslim: DF Mirsad Balji
Serbian: DF Predrag Spasi, MF Dragan Stojkovi
Slovenian: MF Sreko Katanec Bad Blue Boys (BBB) The Last Yugoslavian Football Team 1990 May: Riot in the game between Dinamo Zagreb and Red Star Belgrade
June: World Cup in Italy
September: Preliminary round for EURO 92 started.
December: Milocevic was elected in the national election.
1991 June: Slovenia and Croatia declared the independence. Conflicts between the Yugoslavian Army and Slovenian/Croatian Armies launched.
October: B&H parliament confirmed the independence.
1992 April: Saraebo was surrounded by Serbian Army, and became the enclave.
May: Ivica Osim resigned the national team coach. Delije Supporters' group of Red Star Belgrade
Arkan Tiger
Leader: Zeljko Raznatovic Supporters' group of Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia
Founded in 1986
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