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Radical Redistribution of Global Wealth to Improve Global Health

Group 5 GHD Presentation

Haikal Mansor

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Radical Redistribution of Global Wealth to Improve Global Health

Radical Redistribution of Global Wealth to Improve Global Health Group 5 Kyle Taheny
Caitlin Thompson
Hichael Rashid
Nazren Othman
Sobana Gopalakrishnan References Change. “U.S. Global Health Initiative.” Center for Health and Gender Equity: c2002-2012; cited 2012 Oct 20. <http://www.genderhealth.org/the_issues/us_foreign_policy/global_health_initiative/>.

KaiserEdu.org. “Global Health.” The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation: c2012; updated 2009 Aug; cited 2012 Oct 19. <http://www.kaiseredu.org/Issue-Modules/Global-Health/Background-Brief.aspx>.

Global Issues. “Foreign Aid for Development Assistance.” Shah. Anup; c1998-2012; updated 2012 Apr 08; cited 2004 Oct 24. <http://www.globalissues.org/article/35/foreign-aid-development-assistance>.

World Health Organization. “MDG: Health and the Millennium Development Goals.” Geneva: WHO; c2012; cited 2012 Oct 22. <http://www.who.int/hdp/publications/mdg_en.pdf>.

Times Union. Economic is wealth redistribution. http://blog.timesunion.com/occupyalbany/economics-is-wealth-redistribution/291/ (accessed 4th november).



http://www.images.google.com Health What is Health? WHO- “ Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Indicators of Health in a population? Life expectancy at birth Morbidity/ Mortality Well being/ Functioning
Global Health Inequality Life Expectancy at Birth, 2009 Defining Global Wealth “all the money and other assets that exist in all areas of the world considered together.” Global Wealth today = ? Total Wealth of Country A + Total Wealth of Country B Total Wealth of Country C + + .... Calculating Global Wealth COMPLICATED! Measuring Global Wealth Historically:
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Human Development Index (HDI) Income However, wealth = income, rather: Wealth = Income - Expenses More recently: World Bank - Where is the Wealth of Nations? Measuring Capital for the 21st Century (2006): Total Wealth = Produced Capital + Natural Capital + Intangible Capital IHDP - Inclusive Wealth Report (2012): Inclusive Wealth Index (IWI) = Natural Capital +
Produced Capital +
Human Capital Credit Suisse - Global Wealth Report (2012): Global Wealth = ‘Household Wealth’ The Bottom Line… Many ways to measure global wealth
No measure to-date is perfect
Newer measures >> more variables >> all-inclusive
Tricky task to tackle! Distribution of Global Wealth GLOBAL WEALTH IS NOT DISTRIBUTED EQUALLY!
Consistent pattern of ‘rich’ & ‘poor’ countries Source: Credit Suisse - Global Wealth Report 2012 REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH Definition “…….transfer of income, wealth or property from some individuals to others….” “……..a nation’s wealth is channeled, from those who have more to those below a certain income level….” “……taking money from the rich and giving it to the middle class or poor.” Simple Words.. Why we need redistribution? Managing Redistribution of Wealth Is it good or bad? Global Health
Global Wealth
Re-distribution of global Wealth
Problems relating to redistribution of global wealth Outline UN Millennium Development Goals
U.S Global Health Initiative
EU Policy on Global Health
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Irish Aid
Policies on Global Wealth Redistribution Taxation Welfare Programs Nationalization .
What is good about it? Good for both poor and rich….
Plays a role in stability and peace….
Provides a balance…… . Problems Arising from Distribution of Global Wealth for Global Health 1. Global Health Financing
Complicated 2. Lack of Data on many aspects of Global
Health Finance

3. Change in the volume of Health Financing 4. Pattern of Global Health spending and
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