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Life in Elizabethan England

No description

Faseeha behzad

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Life in Elizabethan England

Life in Elizabethan England
Brides were not expected to wear white on their wedding
Bride's family gave dowry to husband's family
People weren't given special invitations to weddings
Women were not permitted to study
Illegal marriages
Levels of education:
-Home Schools
-Petty or Dame Schools (elementary)
-Grammar Schools
Separated into Upper and Lower Class education
Upper class were landlords and owners while lower class worked as labourers such as blacksmiths, farmers etc.
Common Services and Occupations:
barber surgeon
Jobs in the City:
Workers in a Household:
man of business

Types of Bread:
Folks would eat wheat bread
Lower class would eat rye or barley
Lower class didn't have the lavish food of Upper class
Rare food availability for the poor - they ate beans, peas, or oats
Popular Drinks:
Aqua Vitae
Breakfast was not considered a crucial meal
The midday meal (lunch) was called dinner
Ate "dinner" around 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Supper was eaten around 6:00 in the evening
No tea or coffee with meals
No proper kitchen - cooked over fires or at a cook shop
Meats were cooked with fruit
No chocolate
Potato was an extremely valuable food
Vanilla had not been invented as a flavour yet
Family & Marriage
Infants were wrapped in swaddling bands for 6-12 months after they were born
Legally, boys could marry at 14 and girl at 12
Marriages were typically arranged
Average family consisted of 4-5 people
Men (husbands) were considered superior to the woman
Most boys hated going to school due to the long hours, dull lessons, & strictly controlled behaviour
Only boys went to school, girls were educated at home
Women were not permitted to attend university.
Women could not pursue a career in medicine, law, or business
School masters carried a bundle of birch which they would use to beat children who were disobedient or made mistakes
Before reading and writing, children made pens called quills from goose feathers
Pupils read and learned with a hornbook
Elizabethan outfits were very complex and elaborate
Most people could not dress themselves
Women had outfits of about 16 pieces, while men had up to 12
Men wore extremely
stiff doublets
on top...
...with breeches or hose underneath
The breeches were stuffed with wool, hair, rags, or grain
Women wore farthingale hoops to extend the dress
They also wore corsets or stomachers to shape their upper body
Sumptuary Laws
Dictated the types and colours of clothing people could wear
Allowed different social and economic classes, ranks, and privileges to be identified
Breaking these laws resulted in punishment and even death
Upper classes wore clothes of velvet, fur, satin, lace, and silk
Lower classes wore outfits of wool, linen, and sheepskin
Nobles and the Higher Class wore allowed to wear deep, rich colours
Royals could wear any colour they desired, but were the only class permitted to own purple
Lower Classes were only allowed to wear plain, boring colours

The concept of ideal beauty was light hair and a snow-white complexion with red cheeks and lips
Pale complexions were a sign of wealth and nobility
Women either bled or covered their faces with poisonous white lead to get the look
Foreheads looked bigger as both genders plucked their eyebrows and shaved the hair at their head's crown
Used mercury to remove cosmetics
Red or blonde was popular
Some used urine to dye hair blonde
Some men and women shaved all their hair and only wore wigs
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