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megan jackson

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Cancer

Cancer was named by a Greek physician Hippocrates to describe carcinoma tumors but he was not the first to discover the disease. The first known case could be traced back to Ancient Egypt in the bones of mummies that date back to about 1600 B.C.
Types of Cancer
Cancer can hit any part of the body. This causes there to be over 100 of different types of cancer. Some common cancers that we know about are breast cancer, lung cancer, leukemia and kidney cancer.
Causes of Cancer
One of the biggest factors that cause cancer is genetics. But it can also be caused by tobacco use, poor health, and unhealthy eating habits. By eliminating these factors you can minimize your risk of getting cancer. But you cannot change your genetic makeup.
The History of Cancer
According to cancer.org one of the many ways to detect cancer in its early stages is to get cancer screenings done regularly especially if you have family history of cancer.
Cancer and Lymph Nodes
Lymph Nodes is the part of the body that filter out all of the harmful things coming into the body. Cancer can ether start here (lymphoma) or can spread here and slowly cause the body to shut down if not detected early enough.
In the Deadliest of Places
Cancer doesn't have borders, its not only in one country. Many third world countries cancer is even more deadly because they don't have the funding for research and treatment like we do.
Cancer In Closing
Cancer is the leading cause of death on America and the World, yet we still cannot pinpoint a full treatment plan. That is how deadly this disease is. Everyone knows what Cancer is we see it in our everyday lives. We don't know if or when we will find a cure but I imagine one day we will.*
Tobacco is the most common cause for oral cancer. This can cause your teeth to fall out, gums to deteriorate and even cause your tongue to begin to fall off. The Surgeon General try to stop the number of deaths caused by tobacco each year by The Surgeon General's Warning.
What Is Cancer?
It's Not Contagious!
By:Megan Jackson
Cancer is the fast reproduction of
cells from a host cell. No one really
knows what starts this reproduction, but at this
moment we do know that it can be caused by
Radiation kills the cancer cells and
stops the reproduction but it can
also cause the cancer to develop,
this is because of to much radioactive
exposure such as x-rays.
People who think cancer is
contagious is a bit off their rocker.
There is not even a vector for cancer
and its not a virus so that makes it NOT
Disclaimer* I'm not at all a doctor but this is my personal opinion.
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