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No description

Deniza Staikova

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Jewelry

Online presence Image building & Brand awareness Sales Define brand and positioning (1) SWOT analysis
(2) Personify the brand
(3) Define the most relevant benchmarks from the industry's leaders

=> Establish the desired brand image: the goal that the marketing department should work to achieve Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Market leader with a highly recognisable brand in Arges
Highly involved in social life and well-connected in Arges
Diverse product offering across prices, designs and styles
Young and dynamic company with motivated teams in marketing and sales Low brand presence and recognition outside of Arges
Low presence in social life and events outside of Arges
Does not design its own jewels, so cannot derive any added value from design
Having jewelry and pawn shops in the same space has negative effects for each business Competitors who are better established:
in e-commerce: better developed online shops with extensive product offering
with showrooms in regions where Teilor is expanding
by designing their own jewels
by competing mainly on price
Difficult economy and a lower purchasing power of customers: luxury jewels are becoming even more of a niche market In online and offline presence and communication:
develop a unique brand identity online and offline
create an engaging website (not merely a store) to reflect the diversity of Teilor's products
add Men's jewelry to raise awareness
think of B2B sales opportunities
Create an experience in the physical shop: the only place where we have the opportunity to engage the consumer's full attention Define brand and positioning (1) SWOT analysis: understand where Teilor's competitive advantage lies
(2) Personify the brand: understand how employees see the brand and to what extent the brand image is consistent internally
(3) Establish the desired brand image: the goal that the marketing department should work to achieve
Internally: work to align employees across departments with that image
Externally: project that image through all communication efforts, online and offline Understanding the target (1) 'One-time' transactions:
Engagement rings
Wedding bands

(2) Customers who are fond of jewelry
'low-end' gold jewelry
'high-end' collections: diamonds, Roberto Bravo and unique jewelry Understanding the target (1) 'One-time' transactions: opportunity to create a long-term relationship and get them excited about jewelry:
Matching engagement and wedding rings
Loyalty program to give them an incentive to buy jewels on anniversaries
(2) Customers who are fond of jewelry
'low-end' gold jewelry
'high-end' collections: highlighting the importance of design, material and virtual presentation to use them as image-building and aspirational items $ 15 $ 75 Suggestions to optimise the website (1) Add products in each category, to better present the diverse range of jewels that Bijuteria Teilor offers (detailed per category list in separate file)

(2) Improve the browsing experience of the customer and facilitate the editing of the website (specific actions in separate file)

(3) Use the website to communicate the desired brand image more effectively Communicate the desired brand image more effectively (1) Organise the jewels in collections:
Create collections with unique names and stories
Produce in-house photo shoots to present the collections in a creative and engaging way
Use the collections to create content for social media

(2) Improve product presentations: move away from attributes and towards descriptions, using the context provided by the collections

(3) Create a consistent visual image on the website:
Use as little as possible generic photos from Shutterstock
Replace when appropriate with images created in-house
Keep the most beautiful Shutterstock images (1) Creating virtual (and possibly physical) guides to present engagement rings and wedding bands by educating the customer about what their different options are and in this way highlighting the value of the models offered by Bijuteria Teilor

(2) Separating the 'high-end' jewels under 'one common umbrella'/'brand within the brand' to clearly differentiate their value from the rest, e.g. calling them 'Teilor exclusive', etc. Suggestions to consider in jewellery presentations
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