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Networking 101: Creating an Elevator Speech

No description

Summer Hunt

on 26 November 2018

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Transcript of Networking 101: Creating an Elevator Speech

Welcome to the Career Fair
Networking 101:
Creating an Elevator Speech
You are going to meet an organization recruiter and you want to impress them
Career fairs
Networking events
- a conversational, friendly,
self introduction
that you can deliver no matter what
- named because its length should be less than or equal to the time you spend in an elevator which is usually about 60 seconds
What is an Elevator Speech?
Other Networking opportunities:
What is an elevator speech?
What should an elevator speech include?
Elevator speech specifics
Elevator speech taboos
How to start/How to deliver
Try it!
Getting Ready
Do NOT include:
- age
- personal issues
- health issues
- pay
- politics
- religion
- race/ethnic info
How to Deliver Your Elevator Speech
Speak clearly
Watch for time constraints
People behind you in line
Start a conversation:
- introduce yourself
- weather, arts, and leisure
- talk about the company or the university
Try it!
Write it down first
Practice by yourself
Be assessed for credit
Be sure to be assessed before you leave!
Key Points to Include:
Your name
Your major and level/grad date
What you are seeking/Interested in
Full-time, internship, part-time
Achievements or distinguishing factors
Internship, work experience, leadership activities, organizational activities, supported yourself through college, etc.
Ask for assistance/how to follow up
Golf Outings
Community Events
Organizational Meetings
Corporate Mixers
1. Dress professionally
2. Come prepared - do your research
3. Lead with your strengths
4. Be respectful even if they don't have what you are seeking
5. Express interest in other opportunities
6. Ask for a card - follow up
When to Use Your Elevator Speech
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