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Academic Libraries and Web 2.0

Implement web 2.0 technologies in your academic library and stay relevant in a modern world.

Veronica Zayas

on 15 November 2011

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Transcript of Academic Libraries and Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0? A collaborative, participatory
web culture that is
flexible and adaptable. Need an example? Web 2.0
Tools Social Networking (Facebook) Microblogging (Twitter) Blogs Wikis Social Bookmarking (Del.ic.ous) Digital Stories Document Sharing (Google Docs) Instant Messaging 7 Principles of Web 2.0 Photo Sharing (Flickr) 1. No installation 2. Collaborative 3. Data-driven 4. Open Source Software 5. Accessible (usually free) 6. Combines existing technologies 7. Interactive and cutting edge Want more info? Check out
Tim O'Reilly's website.
Web2.0 Author & Innovator

http://oreilly.com (these are just a few examples.) Web 2.0 Academic Library 2.0

looks like this Library 2.0 Academic
Library 2.0 Web 2.0 + Libraries = Library 2.0 Examples of
Library 2.0 RSS Feeds Librarians that blog Library Tweets Game Night @ the Library Digital Booktalks Why should
academic libraries
use web 2.0? 1. The faculty and students they serve
tend to be tech-savvy and adopt new technologies easily. 2. To promote library
services and events. 3. To help teach
literacy. and much more... Essential 2.0 Tools
(Part 1: Creating a Web Presence) Essential 2.0 Tools
(Part 2: Teaching Research Skills) Facebook Delicious LibGuides Instant
Messaging Promote your
Web 2.0ness Online: by linking
your sites & cross-
promoting At the Reference Desk Create some flyers Announce it on the
college radio station Mention your 2.0
services during
instructional classes Add a link to your
school's homepage Web 2.0 & Academic Libraries:
An Introductory Guide by Veronica Zayas Background Info Staying Connected The Action Plan Stay connected, not frustrated Follow these sites for 2.0 ideas http://www.michaelecasey.com/ http://keptup.typepad.com/ http://www.libraryinnovation.org/ Instant Virtual Reference Low-cost, Low-tech Perfect complement to remote
database login Ask-A-Librarian Very popular service Meebo Widget Available Start a Fan Page Promote services and events Follow model schools Always reply Easy to setup Post interesting news,
tidbits, and community info Social Bookmarking Makes finding research easier Accessible anywhere Helps students keep track of sources Perfect lesson for info literacy class Toolbar Specialized information Subject specific Perfect starting point for research Consider adding a meebo widget Faculty collaboration 1 2 3 4 Resource Guides Video stream Catalog Tagging
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