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Copy of LS

No description

Amr Tarek

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of LS

Leadership Skills Who is she? Saffeya Zaghloul What is Leadership? Leadership is the process by which a person leads and influences a group of people in order to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. What are it's essence? It is an organizational role which involves:
Establishing a clear vision.
Sharing that vision with others so that they would follow willingly.
Providing the knowledge and methods to make the realize the size of the vision.
Co-ordinating the interests. The first responsibility of anyone put in the position of leadership is to define reality and the last is to say thank you. In between the two, he must be a servant and a doctor. Is the leader made or born? Studies done on identical twins show that a leader is one third born(due to genetic factors) and two thirds made. Also, through out centuries of debates, it was confirmed that leaders are sort of born and always made. Some are born with certain characteristics like: Intelligence.
Has any Goals.
Decision making.
Willing to change. Then developed by the following: Watching others' actions.
Getting feedback and improving it.
Critiquing and trying out their performance.
Taking control of their own development. The lesson: How to be a good leader? "Nobody will believe in you, until you believe in yourself." And in order to go in that direction you must:
Care for your team.
Grow your team.
Inspire them.
Set objectives for them.
Constantly praise them.
Empower them.
Always be on time.
Accept honest criticism.
Think strategically.
Plan your succession. Examples of some world leaders: Is there a difference between
a manager and a leader? But first, let's know what a management is. Management is a process by which a person over sees subordinates, motivates them, provides them directions, makes sure they all seek one goal, provides feed backs and removes roadblocks. Types of management: There are Three types of management:
Senior management.
Lower management. Here comes the difference between leadership and management. The difference between being a manager and a leader is that management is a career while leadership is a calling. Just to simplify it Manager Leader Field Essence Change Stability Focus Leading people Managing work Horizon Long-term Short-term Seeks Achievement Results Conflict Uses Avoids Power Personal charisma Formal authority Style Transformational Transactional There is a clear connection between managing and leading, as managers who work on developing their leadership skills in a correct way, end up being successful leaders. ENERGIZER! Although leading is considered to be one of the highest positions world wide, there are some disadvantages to it. Such as: References: http://rogerdarling.ton.me.uk http://edition.cnn.com http://ehow.com http://nwlink.com http://phsycologytoday.com http://threestarleader.org http://dailycaller.com http://management.about.com http://wisegeek.com http://changingminds.com Mark Zucherberg
23 years old Being self centered.
Being stubborn.
Being impartial.
Being a cutthroat. Now we are down to two very important questions Do you think you can be good leader? Who is your role model ?why? Motivator John Arnold
27 years old. Visionary Guess who said it? "Love what you do, have sustainable time to finish what you do." Steve Jobs Remember

Leadership skills and techniques can be easily learned. "Make the BEST of everything you have , Because you wont have the best in everything." Mohamed souka
Head of cb in EIB. First step: Last step: managing leading Focus on leadership development first, selection second.
Don't be seduced by your past success, and continue your personal leadership development through your career.
take concrete steps towards growing your leadership capacity in your work field . 1/3 Born 2/3 Made
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