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By: Jayden and Donyell

No description

Maureen Bevis

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of By: Jayden and Donyell

By: Jayden and Donyell
Jayden and Donyell Leprechaun story
fast,good looking,he wears green,he is a boy,nice,
One shiny day Donyell and Jayden were jumping on a trampoline in the back yard suddenly Donyell did a back flip off the trampoline face first into the bushes. then JAYDEN came running after him.When Jayden got their he saw a green little thing behind the bushes. It was a leprechaun. Donyell and Jayden yelled he said how are you he said his name was Luke.
In the morning Donyell and Jayden found a leprechaun they hid it from there parents. Jayden and Donyell played freeze tag with the leprechaun inside.
In the after noon Jayden and Donyell played football with the leprechauns gold and then he kicked us out of our house- I really mean kicked us out. Because we were losing all his gold.
At nighttime, he slept on a mini bed on shelf near Donyell and fell asleep. He was sleeping like a baby.
He went back to his house and we will miss him. We will see him next St.Patricks day.
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