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Disabled People Prezi

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Bobby Billy

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Disabled People Prezi

Disabled People:
Rights and Freedoms

Individuals with disabilities cannot easily complete ordinary daily activities and consequently may frequently need aid from non-disabled individuals.
These non-disabled individuals from society are generally not willing to help.
Therefore, disabled people are ignored and consequentially do not receive much of the needed aid.
Disrespected Rights and Freedoms
Disrespected rights and freedoms disabled individuals are legally (and morally) entitled to:

Accessibility and safety in use of transportation, environment, and architecture
Opportunities for independence
Available and fair employment
Educational opportunities
Liberty from being neglected or abused
Respect of rights and freedoms

Real Life Examples
There was a major incident regarding the abuse of intellectually-disabled people in an institution in Alberta


Disability Definition
Mental Disability:

A mental or behavioral pattern or anomaly that causes either suffering or an impaired ability to function in ordinary life, and which is not developmentally or socially normal

Physical Disability:

A physical condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or physical activities preventing him or her from conducting ordinary and necessary daily activities independently

Society discriminates against disabled individuals, generally due to their incapability to help themselves, their consequential dependence on aid from other people.

There are many Solutions in order to raise awareness for Disabilities:
There are many organizations in Canada that support many different types of disabilities

Raising Awareness
Assemblies will be held to teach people the need and moral obligation to respect and aid disabled individuals.

These events will be held at schools to teach students about disability abuse and to help cause a change in the future

Our Method
In order to raise awareness for people with disabilities, we would create a council that would organize ways, such as assemblies and conferences, in order to spread awareness about people with disabilities.
We chose this method because:
Can be easily organized by schools and other organizations across Canada
Teaches today's youth (tomorrow's future) about disabilities
Teaches people not to physically or verbally harass disabled people, but to provide support instead
Intended Outcome
We hope that in the future:
Disabled individuals will be respected as real human beings

People will remain vigilant so there is no abuse against handicapped people

People will care more for handicapped people
Our Method
Disabled people experience physical and verbal abuse as a result of their abnormalities, and this is called
disability abuse

Disabled people also experience frequent bias and prejudice due to their disabled being, and this is called
disability bias
Mistreatment of Disabled People
Process used to create Council
Select dedicated head of council

Promote council to the general public

Hold meetings weekly to discuss future projects and events
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