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The prodigal rapper from Los Angeles

Daniel Yoon

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Dumbfoundead

DUMB FOUN DEAD I've got a Peter Pan Complex Break down the walls of this maze
and run to the finish line It's the whole world against us They can try to stop us But we going out like Gangsters I keep pushin' pushin' pushin' This is how an unheard voice becomes Strong You never know which way your music is navigating We are the dreammakers All are invited to play I hear piano keys playing
Translating languages All of us creators I got so much soul To find it you won't need a map I serve no man but serve mankind
while avoiding all of Earth's landmines LA to Korea
Now that's a
Battle! I am an advocate for truth
I am a Savage in the booth Come and battle see how much I can do Damage Master of Battles Songwriter
Musician Grindtime Legend Internationally Known Dumfoundead is a rapper, famous for his work in the nationally recognized freestyle battle organization Grindtime Dumfoundead vs. Tantrum is his most well known battle
This lyrically genius confrontation rocketed Dumfoundead into fame a few years earlier Dumbfoundead also jumped into the international scene when he was featured on two tracks off of the album (e), a world wide recognized Korea-based hip hop trio He continues to release songs and albums today Dumbfoundead
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