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Global Adolescent Health in Vietnam

No description

Colette Auerswald

on 17 July 2016

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Transcript of Global Adolescent Health in Vietnam

Global Adolescent Health
Hanoi, 2015

Coco Auerswald, MD, MS
UC Berkeley School of Public Health

1.9 billion people on the planet
Innovations for Youth
1.9 billion youth 10-24 years of age
...representing an extraordinary opportunity to shape the world's social, economic and health futures...
Súc mạnh
CDC Healthy People 2020 Goals
"Prenatal and early childhood interventions are important for adolescent health. But this investment may be squandered if adolescent health and development do not also receive adequate attention. At the same time, the second decade may provide opportunities to undo damage done in earlier years."
Widespread concern regarding the health of adolescents and young adults
Adolescents are being left behind. While global AIDS-related deaths for all ages fell by 30 per cent between 2005 and 2012, among adolescents they increased by 50 per cent in that period.
Adolescents and young adults have experienced a reversal of traditional mortality patterns over the past 50 years.

nhuoc điem
Coơ hoi
moi đe dọa
Youth voice?
Preventable deaths?
Vaccines and screening?
Reproductive health and mental health access?
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