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World War II

No description

Beatriz Reyes

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of World War II

WOrld war II
BY: Beatriz and Wendy World War II was a devastating time in our history.

Here is a timeline of some important events related to this war.
Before the war actually started:
1926: Benito Mussolini established
a fascist dictatorship in Italy
1929: Joseph Stalin became dictator in
the Soviet Union
1933: Adolf Hitler became chancellor in
Then in 1935:
Hitler violated the Treaty of Versailles by building a new air force and a stronger army.
Mussolini invaded Ethiopia.

In 1936:
March 7th: Hitler invaded Rhineland where there wasn't supposed to be weapons
October: Hitler and Mussolini formed the Rome- Berlin Axis
November: Germany and Japan signed an Anti-Comintern Pact In 1937:
Japan took control of China's Capitol.
Later in 1938:
Hitler annexed Austria, and took control of Sudetenland

Then the the war officialy started in 1939:
March: Hitler invaded Bohemia and Moravia
August: Germany and Russia got together and signed the Nazi-Soviet Nonagression pact
September: 1st- Hitler and Germany invaded Poland
3rd: Britain and France declare war on Germany
28th: Germany and the Soviet Union divided Poland
In 1940:
April 9th: Germany hosted a blitzkrieg against Denmark and Norway
May 10th: Hitler and his military attacked the Netherlands, Belgium, and France
June 22th: The French signed an armistice In 1941:
April: Hitler took over Greece and Yugoslavia
June 22th: Hitle broke off the alliance with the soviet Union by invading.
December 7th: Japan attacked at Pearl Harbor
11th: Germany declared war on The U.S.A
The U.S.A entered the war By 1942:
The German Nazi concentration camps were in full operation
The Japanese were defeated at the Battle of Midway Islands
Most of Southeast Asia and the western Pacific was under Japanese control.

In 1943:
Germans were defeated at Stalingrad
German and Italian troops were defeated at French North Africa
Russia defeated Germany at the Battle of Kursk

In 1944:
The Allied forces invaded France on D-Day at the Normandy Invasion
Rome falls to the Allies
Paris is liberated
Finally the war ends in 1945:
March: Germany is invaded
April: Hitler comittes suicide and Mussolini also dies
May: Germany surrenders
August: The USA drops atomic bombs in Japan, and they surrender

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