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The Interior Plains Region

Explore the Interior Plains Region with this fun and educational Prezi!

Alejandro Torres

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of The Interior Plains Region

The Interior Plains Region by Alejandro Torres The NWMP The North West Mounted Police (NWMP) trained in Fort Dufferin, Manitoba. In 1874, a huge 4 km line of Mounties and their supplies trekked down from Fort Dufferin, 1500 km west to the Sweet Grass hills to what is now Alberta. The NWMP (con't) The NWMP made the people feel safer.
They were stationed throughout the region
and patrolled isolated areas. New settlers
were willing to come to create new communities. Why People Live Here Today The First Nations of the Interior Plains still live here, as do their descendants. Today, people from around the world come to live in the Interior Plains. The Interior Plains has a lot of jobs to offer to new people. Why People Live Here Today (con't.) A lot of the jobs in the Interior Plains today involve natural resources, such as oil, natural gas and coal mining. In rural areas, thousands of people work as farmers. In cities and towns, people work in government, manufacturing, education and medicine. Who First Lived Here The Plains Cree, Sisika, Piikani and Kainai have always lived in the region. They lived in the grasslands and settled near resources of food and water. They hunted bison for food, clothing, tools and other items. The First Nations followed the herd of bison as not to lose their food source. Who First Lived Here
(con't) Just as important to the Dene people were the caribou, which like the bison traveled in herds. The Dene also followed the herd of caribou as not to lose their food source. How The People Of The Interior Plains Were Affected By The Railway In 1881, the construction of the Canadian Pacific railway began. This brought much more settlers to the region and allowed the NWMP to move quickly in times of trouble. The settlers were able to move their produce to one side of the country to the other by railway. How Were The People Of The Interior Plains Affected by The Railway (con't) The railway also affected the way of life of the First Nations and the Metis. people were encouraged to shoot bison that got on the railway tracks. This affected the First Nations because they relied on the bison for clothes, tools and many other important things. The bison were almost wiped out. How Settlers Changed The Way Of Life In The Interior Plains In the late 1800's, jobs were scarce in eastern Europe. Canada offered jobs to these people. Many of them settled in the Interior Plains. They became accustomed to Canada's traditions and our languages. How Settlers changed The Way Of Life In The Interior Plains (con't) Here they also brought European traditions. They brought farming techniques and different ways of life. They built schools, churches and created new communities. Many still exist today. Thank you for taking the time to view this Prezi. Bibliography Anonymous: Voices of Canada, people, places and possibilities. Don Mills, Ontario:Pearson Education Canada, 2007 Author:Government of Canada; Natural Resources Canada; Earth Sciences Sector; Atlas of Canada. "Borderlands - Interior Plains Physiographic Region" http://geogratis.gc.ca/api/en/nrcan-rncan/ess-sst/dccce361-8893-11e0-842b-6cf049291510.html%20May%201st May 1st, 2013 " Bite Size Canada" http://tkmorin.wordpress.com/2013/02/01/the-mounties-always-gets-their-man/ May 1st 2013 "Grow Community" http://www.oneplanetcommunities.org/communities/endorsed-communities/grow/ Gretchen Cook-Anderson. "NASA" http://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/news/topstory/2006/yellowstone_bison.html Wikipedia. "American Bison" September 17, 2006 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:American_bison_k5680-1.jpg May 1st, 2013 May 1st, 2013 "Environment & Natural Resources" http://www.enr.gov.nt.ca/_live/pages/wpPages/caribou_information.aspx Wikipedia. "Imperial Limited" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Limited May 1st, 2013 May 1st, 2013 I Power Blogger "Bison Train Tracks" April 16 2009http://dmcclenahan.blogspot.ca/2009/04/i-really-like-this-one-i-took-at-terry.html May 1st, 2013 Molson Coors. "Molson Coors Canada, U.S and Europe"http://www.molsoncoorscanada.com/en/About%20Us/Our%20Markets/Molson%20Coors%20Europe.aspx May 1st, 2013 Misner, Ivan. "Happy face Businesshttp://businessnetworking.com/health-update/happy-face/ Networking" May 1st, 2013
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