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60's Propaganda

Propaganda in the 60's

Eric Reichle

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of 60's Propaganda

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Images from Shutterstock.com Animal Farm Propaganda This example of propaganda is a good example of glittering generalities. The five,(previously seven,) commandments of animal farm are supposed to represent the values of the greater good for animals of all sorts. this phrase that becomes the glowering statement of oppression from the pigs can be considered euphemism as it refers to the unfair intelligence and power of the pigs but in an indirect way. By Zack Greenip and Eric Reichle Propaganda in the 60's This is an example of propaganda that likely would be posted around the city in Fahrenheit 451. This could also be considered an example of fear propaganda. 60's propaganda. Here is an example of propaganda from the 60's. This was a message meant to simply tell of the end of the Vietnam war. It is an example of glittering generalities as at the time this was shown U.S. troops were still in Vietnam and life was not back to normal. 60's propaganda Here is a classic example of 60'2 propaganda using the fear technique. This is a poster advertising a way to end the war in Vietnam. Animal Farm Animal farm
This is another example of the propaganda that becomes a mainstay theme throughout the story. An example of transfer, this propaganda in its original form would have brought disapproval to anything on two legs. Fahrenheit 451 Fahrenheit 451 Here is another example of propaganda that could have likely been used in the city. This is also an example of the fear propaganda technique. Kady says hi 60's propaganda. Here is an example of the bandwagon technique being used in Vietnam propaganda to withdraw from the war. Example of propaganda Good Bye!! image source: google images. So does daulton and denver
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