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Black Gold

Chapter 20 Prezi

Bob Tello

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Black Gold

Black Gold In 1901 Spindletop erupted in a fountain of oil
Spindletop showered
everyone in oil Spindletop produced between
70,000 to 100,000 barrels a day Spindletoptop started the boom of oil an in fear of fire workers put up a barrier to
protect the spindletop from the lake of oil it created their efforts paid off
because it did catch
fire and it got bigger and bigger but spindletop was safe the oil boom in Texas caused tremendous growth hi hi hi hi in 1901 oil sold
for 3 cents a barrel
in recent years oil has sold for
30 dollars a barrel That's 1000%
increase il well their efforts paid off since later that year it erupted in flames and it got bigger with the increase in demand for oil... boomtowns sprouted
everywhere But the boomtowns
were in poor condition And they lost popularity however, the pay was good,
and the hours were long. Rigs were fraught
with danger slick surfaces and dangerous gases
made rigs one of the most likely places
to lose your life Pattillo Higgins had
the idea for spindletop
but Anthony Lucas made
the idea a reality for both helping to created the spindletop, they are named the spindletop brothers the oil industry sparked
a new buisness, involving
refineries refineries made the oil
usable for industry after spindletop, oil industries spread to other states by 1925, 80 refineries
were built in Texas. wildcatters made discoveries
in Ranger, Desdemona, and Brecken-
ridge in west-central Texas. and even more discoveries in
South-eastern Texas Columbus M. "Dad" Joiner
made one of the richest oil
discoveries in 1930 he believed that there was
oil in Rusk County despite
geoligists doubts he drilled two dry holes
near Henderson, and on
October 3rd, he struck oil the well was named
Daisy Bradford No. 3
after the landowner with the addition of oil
automobiles were first
seen in Texas in 1900's it would not have been
practical if not for oil
production many historical
sites owe their
existance to oil for example during the 1900's, Houstonian Hugh
Roy Cullen donated more than
11 million dollars to Univ. of Houston
and Houston hospitals
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