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Wedding Planning

No description

Kamri Dell

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning
a guide to success
Step 1:
Identify the problem, need, want, or goal
The Management Process
Destination for Success
Step 2:
Clarify values
Step 4:
Decide, plan, and implement
Step 5:
Accomplish goals and evaluate
Wedding Planning: (v) The strenuous process of organizing every detail of a wedding, hopefully on time, with help, and within budget
Step 3:
Identify Resources
The Wedding Date
The Wedding Location
The Wedding Invitees
The Wedding Budget
Wedding Planning
Additional Aspects
Popular Months: June, September, October (WeddingWire, 2017)

Popular Days: Saturday; or Friday and Sunday during late Spring, early Summer (WeddingWire, 2017)

Budget Saver: Select an off-month (like November) or a weekday (Loverly, 2017)
Destination Wedding: Consider distance, weather, and guest list (the couple usually pays for all attendees) (Loverly, 2017)

Budget Saver: Host the wedding at your house or family church instead of a venue (The Wedding Report, 2017)
"With each addition you make, you're adding additional costs while also making your wedding less intimate." (Hamm, 2015)

Budget Saver: Cut down the number of guests
United States Average (2016): $26,720
Reception: 40%
Honeymoon: 14.5%
Photography/Videography: 10.5%
Wedding Attire: 7%
Rings: 6%
Flowers: 5%
Music: 5%
Invitations: 2%
Miscellaneous: 10%
Budget Savers:
Cut down the guest list
Home make decorations
Limit the amount of flowers
Display vendor cards
Budget Savers:
Ask family to cater
Cut down the flowers
Host the wedding at home
Display vendor cards
Do it yourself with decorations
Don't mention "wedding"
Buy in bulk
Get Organized:
Create a WeddingWire or The Knot Account
Wedding Website
Vendor Manager
Guest List
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