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No description

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Consciousness

Sensory Awareness
During the whole 8 minutes I remember it felt like I was sweating even though I wasn't actually sweating. The only other people in the room were the choir teachers. And it was really hard to focus knowing that they were watching m every action.
Sense of self
After all that was said and done I felt pretty good about myself. And I love singing so I figured that even if I didn't get into ensemble (which I did do by the way) I would still have a place in chamber choir, so it wouldn't be the end of m high school singing career so that gave me a reassurance that I'd still be able to do one of the things that I love.
The moment
A few weeks ago were the auditions for next years choir classes. Even though I knew even if I didn't audition I'd still be able to be in chamber choir that didn't stop me from auditioning. I was auditioning for chorale ensemble. Chorale Ensemble is the top choir in the school. Only 20 selected juniors and seniors are in it. So obviously I wanted to be in really badly. But of course with every audition I've ever done I was completely freaking out.
A Moment of Consciousness
Jake nyland 2nd Hour

This was basically me right before my audition and probably during it to, except without the hand clenching.
Direct Inner awareness
I remember feeling really nervous about everything and how I was trying so hard not to mess anything up. I remember thinking to myself, "Relax you've done this kind of thing before. I remember remembering past auditions to try to calm myself down and to remind myself that I've done this before.
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