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App Smashing

No description

Ms Sharma

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of App Smashing

iPad Dev Group: App Smashing: 6.5.14 http://bit.ly/1fKN5No
An App Smash about App Smashing
Some Apps to use
- Yakit Kids (Bg.) - Tellagami (Bg.)
- Photocard (Bg.) - Puppet Pals (Im.)
- Pic Collage (Bg.) - Talking Ben (Bg.)
- 30 Hands (Ad.) - Make Beliefs Comix (Im.)
- Chatterpix (Bg.) - Haiku Deck (Bg.)
- Explain Everything (Im.) - Popplet (Im.)

- content for clips created must be related to a concept in your subject area; a concept you plan to teach this term
- what could you ask your Yr7/8 to create in video format?
- some ideas shared with you, please do feel free to add to the list
- 30 mins max to work independently (choose your level of support and the level of difficulty)
- share link so that we can all watch the final Smash (QR code for Padlet)
- points for creativity and for getting the message across

Final App Smash
Your Task
By the end of this session you will have created an App Smash Project
you will choose your task and the level of support you want - teacher or buddy
some of you may want to set the same task to your yr7/yr8 group
the learning concept you choose to explore in the clips you create should be linked to something you will cover this term
you will share your work on a padlet wall; We will vote on the best one and a surprize awaits the winner - WooHoo!!
share what you know
- engage others
- develop presentation skills
- evidence your learning journey
- communicate, collaborate, critical thinking and evaluation
- student centered and student owned
- time saving; peer assessment; AfL
- padlet - aurasma - thinglink
An Example from Leila and Yoon Soo
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