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Great British Design

A KS3/4 assembly on great British design.

Kaeran MacDonald

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Great British Design

What does the 'Great'
in Great Britain
mean to you? Great design is everywhere... The Great Court at
The British Museum Designed by:
Sir Norman Foster

a great British architect
from Manchester, now
known the world over. 30 St Mary Axe
also known as The Gherkin Designed by: Sir Norman Foster The Millennium Bridge Designed by Sir Norman Foster But it's not only
architecture we
are great at... We are known for our
great Product Design. Trevor Bayliss OBE,
a great British inventor
made famous by
the wind up radio. Surely this designer needs no introduction Sir James Dyson This and other great Dyson products have helped this great British designer total a worth of over 1.45billion pounds. Harry Beck may not be as well
known. He is responsible for
one of London's greatest
design classics. The Dome
now The O2

Designed by:
Richard Rogers The dome is the largest of it's type in the world. Each of the... ...12... ...100m high... ...yellow masts... ...represent a... ...month of
the year... ...and each
hour... ...on a clock. Richard Rogers also
designed the Lloyds
building in the City
of London.

But why is it
so great? All all of the services (steps, lifts, pipes etc.) are all on the outside of the building.
This building was one of the first of it's type. Remember Sir Norman
Foster? He also
designed City Hall >> Inside City Hall
there is a great
spiral staircase Great design is not all about
architecture and products... Heston Blumenthal was born in Buckinghamshire and is a great
British chef, who pushes the
boundaries of food science. Heston is so great at what he does
he has a product deal with Waitrose
worth half a million pounds a year!
(He actually gave all of it to charity.) Alexander McQueen was a great British fashion designer. Born in Lewisham, south London he won the British
Designer of the Year award four times. 3 billion people throughout the world watched Prince William marry Kate Middleton. Alexander McQueen's company designed the great wedding dress. What more could a fashion label want than 3 billion people worldwide seeing their work? Vivienne Westwood is another
great British fasion designer. Although an American
company, Apple use many
great British designers (for example
Jonathan Ives) to design their products. She is famous for her 'punk' style.
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