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Jenny Keller

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters Who? What? Where When Why New York Shadow Hunters Clary Fray Until Clary was 15 she thought she was just another teenager living in New York City, hanging out with her best friend Simon and getting in fights with her mother, Jocelyn. She soon finds out that her mom has been keeping a secret from her, shes anything but ordinary. Clary is a Shadowhunter and her mother hid it from her because she would be in danger in the Shadowhunter world. Clary is fascinated with Jace but doesn't know if Isabelle or Alec like her. Clary's Character will be played by actor Lilly Collins. Jace Wayland Jace Wayland was orphaned in the uprising of the Circle of Raziel and has grown up in New York at the Institute with the Lightwoods. Isabelle, Alec and their younger brother Max are like real brothers and sisters to him. He is described as cunning and beautiful but full of himself. He is said to be the best Shadowhunter of his age and is Parabatai with Alec. He will be played by actor Jamie Campbell Bower. Alec Lightwood Hodge Starkweather Isabelle Lightwood Alec is the oldest child of Maryse and Robert Lightwood and the older brother of Isabelle and Max. Alec is secretly gay and believes he is in love with Jace, until he meets the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane. He is Jace's Parabatai and never goes to fight demons without Jace. Although no one talks about it Alec has never actually killed a demon with his own weapons but always helps Jace in battles. Alec will be played by actor Kevin Zegers. The middle child of the Lightwoods, Isabelle is growing up in a very different society than her parents did. While the Clave says she is permitted to be trained and fight demons, her mother is less accepting of this and would like her to be more lady like. She dresses quite promiscuously according to tomboy Clary. Her weapon of choice is her whip and many of her jewelry accessories have a second purpose to them that she can use in battle. Clary does not think that Isabelle likes her very much because the first time the meet Isabelle is less than friendly and calls Clary a little Mundie girl. Clary describes Isabelle by saying she has an incredible natural beauty but also as being a mystery to Clary. Clary gets the impression that Isabelle has been with many young men. She will be played by actor Jemima West. Hodge is the tutor at the New York Institute, a place he cannot leave because of a curse put upon him by the Clave. Durring the uprising Hodge was a member of the Circle and a follower of Valentine. After the uprising Hodge begged to be allowed to live and was taken by the Lightwoods to live in New York Institute and be a tutor to their children. Secretly Hodge has been in some form of limited contact with Valentine and knows things that no one else does about Valentine. Hodge has a pet Raven named Hugo perched on his shoulder. Hodge will be played by actor Jared Harris. Warlocks Faeries Vampires Werewolves Circle Members The Circle of Raziel was started a little over 20 years before beginning of the book. Valentine Morgenstern was the leader of this group that wanted to purify the world from all downworlders. Valentine had been married to Jocelyn Fairchild. His right hand man had been Lucian Graymark. The Circle was responsible for the Uprising which was an attack on the the Clave and the four types of Downworlders. Many members of the Circle died durring the Uprising but of those who lived many begged for the Clave to forgive them and let them live, others went into hiding and stayed loyal to Valentine. Later in the book we meet Emil Pangborn and Samuel Blackwell who have been Loyal to Valentine and have worked with him to the point where he plans to rise again. Downworlders Warlocks are a type of Downworlder that is more rare than the other three types of Downworlders. A warlock is capable of summoning Demons, using Runes that even the Nephilim cannot use and preform many other magical feats.The main warlock we meet is Magnus Bane who is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. He has lived for hundreds of years all over the world and is one of the characters in the Infernal Devices book series, also by Cassandra Clare. Magnus has a very strange style and prefers flashy clothes and anything shiny. As a pastime Magnus throws parties for Downworlders. Magnus is responsible for blocking Clary's memories from herself and Jocelyn has brought Clary to Magnus many times throughout Clary's childhood to ensure that she cannot access these memories. Faeries are a type of Downworlders that also have magical powers but are more well known for their stunning looks and decieving nature. All Downworlders know that faeries are decieving and can twist the truth and confuse people or even supernatural creatures, however they keep any promise that they make. There are Faeries all over the earth but the ones we meet in New York are under the reign of the Seelie Queen. Faeries can also see into peoples minds to see what their greatest desire is. V.S. V.S. Vampires are a group of Downworlders who are also refered many times in the series as the Night Children. In New York they live in an old abandoned hotel that had once been an elegant place to stay. The hotel had been called Hotel Dumont but when the the vampires began to reside in it they changed the name of it to the Hotel Dumort (very punny). The first time the audience meets vampires is at Magnus' party but we dont meet them again until Clary and Jace go to the Hotel Dumort to retrieve Simon. The hotel is locked and when Clary and Jace try to get into it they meet Raphael who pretends to be an oblivious human to distract Jace and Clary but we soon find out that he is the second in command for the New York Clan and is in charge while his master is away The last type of Downworlders is werewolves. They are known to be less in control of themselves than the other three types of Downworlders, especially when in the presence of Vampires. The leader of the New York pack is Luke Garroway who is Clary's mother's best friend and almost like a father to Clary. When Clary gets into trouble and is under attack within the Hotel Dumort, Luke and his pack come to the rescue which is a large risk to him and his pack because he has now intruded into the vampires's dwelling place. Shadowhunters are a breed of half humans, half angels that was started a thousand years ago. This race was started by Johnathan Shadowhunter and the angel Raziel when they mixed their blood together in the Mortal cup to give to Johnathan and his fellow men to start a new race that would protect the humans of the world from invading Demons. Shadowhunters have since created their own traditions and culture complete with a Government and rules that must be followed. Shadowhunters use many weapons to fight demons, but as well as weapons they cover themselves with runes to protect them and aid them. Shadowhunters live all over the world to protect humans from Demons. They have a home country called Idris which is located between Switzerland and France. The capital city of Idris is Alicante. In the first book we never leave New York City except when we go into the Bone City which is not in one definite place but rather can be accessed from locations all over the world. Later in the series we do visit Idris which is described as the purest place on earth. The Shadowhunter race began a thousand years ago and began to develop their own culture. Once a culture was established some members always disagree with the specifics of the beliefs and what is considered right and wrong, allowed and not allowed. In 1868 the first Accords were signed in Alicante. The Accords are an agreement between all four types of Downworlders and the Nephilim, it is signed every 15 years. The Accords state that they may not attack eachother and all have a common enemy which is Demons. There are of course exceptions to this. In 1878 shadowhunters found themselves up agains the Magister and his clockwork army which can be read about in the Infernal Devices series. In 1991 the uprising occurred which was a rebellion against the Clave by the members of the Circle of Raziel which was lead by Valentine. At first members of the Circle thought the aim of the circle was to create a stronger nation of Shadowhunters that would be better at protecting the world from Demons. Eventually the members realized that Valentine also wanted to rid the world of Downworlders who are half human half Demon. In 2007 when the Accords are to be signed again Valentine plans to rise again but this time his goal is to wipe out not only Downworlders but also all Shadowhunters so that he can start a better race of them, even if he has to ally himself with Demons to do his biding. The goal of Shadowhunters is to rid the earth of Demons and keep humans safe. Even after they have lived, their bones serve as powerful protections to important buildings within the Shadowhunter world. Government Clave Conclave Silent Brothers The Clave is the official government for all Shadowhunters and is based in Alicante and members of the Clave do not leave Idris regularly. The Clave is made up a council and two head figures: The Consul and the Inquisitor. The Consul is equivalent to a president and has the final say in any situation. The Inquisitor is similar to a judge but can question anyone he or she wishes to at any time. The Council is comparable with the house of commons with representatives from all over the world. Later in the series a new council is created that also has a head representative from each of the four species of downworlders. The Conclave is the New York branch of the Clave and is allowed to have further rules within the rules set by the Clave. Every city with an Institute has a branch of the Clave. The audience also knows that there is the Enclave in London England if they have read the Infernal Devices series. Robert and Maryse Lightwood are the heads of the Conclave The Silent Brothers are a group of very powerful male Shadowhunters, however they do not directly fight Demons. Their power is the power of knowledge and wisdom. The have the most powerful runes known to Shadowhunters on their bodies, however these runes mutilate their appearance. Their lips appear to be sewn shut and they have no eyes, just indents where they had been. Their skin in thin and like parchment but covered in intricate runes. They wear heavy parchment robes with runes that are the colour of dried blood on them. The Silent Brothers live in the Bone City where they archive everything having to do with Shadowhunters. They also preform rituals that protect Shadowhunters when they are born. The Film The first Mortal Instruments Book City of Bones is currently being filmed in Toronto, staged as New York and will be in theaters this summer on August 23rd
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